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Hello everyone,

I am online and happy to do oracle card readings. These are for practice for me, intended to help me hone my gifts. I do not expect anything in return except to know how I have done for you. I have time to do readings for five people, at this time.

I had another thread where I was offering to do general readings, and I will still do them. However, I am now at the point in my training where I can begin to do readings on specific subjects.

Please note that I am an intuitive, not a mind reader, and messages from your guides will come through best if you ask more open-ended questions, not yes/no questions. (Instead of "Will X come back to me?" it's better to ask "What do my guides want me to know about reconciling with X?").

I use the "Energy Oracle" deck, and I do best when I have a more direct connection with you.

If interested, please PM me your first name, and your question. Please PM them to me together, to make it easier for me to keep requests straight. I will post the result here.


hello can u check will i surpass lea by gpa?


hello can u check will i surpass lea by gpa?

Hello - I'm not sure what you mean. Can you clarify your question? I'm American, so I'm not familiar with non-U.S. grade systems. LEA? Also please make sure to PM me your first name and your question, or I won't be able to complete a successful reading for you. Also - note that yes or no questions are not the best fit for oracle readings, and right now that's how yours is phrased. I can rephrase it for you, but it's better if you formulate the question yourself.


What do my guides want me to know


May i sit
What would my guides like me to be aware of as far as school is concerned?


Hello. I PM'd you. Question regarding future developments between myself and romantic interest. Thanks.


Thanks to all who have replied so far. Room for one more.

Some of you have not PMed me your first name - I won't be able to complete a reading for you until you do that step. Thanks to all.



What can you tell me about the future of C's relationship to me?
PM sent


Ηi i would like to know if thereis still a connection mostly romantically with Ab

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hello can u check will i surpass lea by gpa?

This is a standard three-card spread. I asked your guides what you need to know about your grades, and your contest with your friend.

The first card I drew is "Appreciation," and it shows a woman in fine clothes, holding a rose and a handkerchief, standing in front of a bushy growth of thorns and thistles. This card represents the conscious act of choosing to be grateful even in the face of difficulties. I am especially drawn to the beads in her hair, and the feeling I have around this is that you are a person who strives for perfection, and who does not give yourself much peace. I feel that this card is a directive card, telling you that you have much to appreciate in your life, and to not let difficulties distract you from being grateful for all the good things around you.

Your second card is "Cornucopia," and it represents wishes fulfilled. The picture depicts a bounty of fruit spilling all over a forest floor that's lit with bright sunbeams. A butterfly (or maybe a fairy?) drifts above it all, sprinkling blessings. When you receive this card, it tells you that you've done some important, often difficult work, and that it's about to pay off in a big way. The universe is smiling on your academic efforts, and maybe even in other areas of your life that you can't imagine.

Your last card is "Journey," and it is reversed. This card is about movement, relocation, travel, change. in its reversed position it is a caution -- usually indicating that you have some sort of blockage in your energy that's preventing you from moving forward toward a goal that you want. After you've graduated you may want to move away, or take some step forward in your life -- and this card is telling you that there may be a delay or even a cancellation of some kind. Something could be standing in your way, there may be miscommunications of some kind. But don't let the curve ball upset you -- just refocus your energies in another direction, and be open to other options.

In short, this reading tells me that you are on the cusp of realizing things that you've been longing for, for a long time -- and considering the question, I think that means you're going to do well with your grades. The guides are not showing me whether you will surpass your friend, but in any case, I feel strongly guided to tell you to remember to appreciate everything you have, and don't get caught up in focusing on what you don't have. And if you find your path after graduation blocked or delayed, open yourself to other options, because either way you have an adventure awaiting you.