prefered Tarot card size?:)


do you prefer your beautiful art Tarot deck in
standard Tarot size 2.75x4.75in/7x12cm or
Jumbo size 3.5x5.5in?:)


Depends entirely on the art. Some have a level of detail that only works in a larger size.


I prefer the more common size 2.75 X 4.75in / 7 X 12cm.

If the art is really complex, then it's easier to see on a Jumbo size. But then the cards are more difficult to handle. Some people have small hands that can't shuffle a big deck easily. And no matter how big someone's hands are, those big cards take up a lot of space on a table.

My favorite size is a compromise between the two. It's 3 by 5 inches.


I don't know about inches but the Lo Scarabeo size is nice. The best ever, however, would be poker size or the Morgan-Greer in a tin -size.


For most purposes I like the standard tarot size. But if I'm doing a majors-only reading, I prefer the larger cards.


tnx everyone for posting!:)

it seems larger then standard Tarot size is only prefered for super tiny detailed art decks like Paulina and Shadowscapes?:) lol good to have that in mind for future decks creators!^^ lol

@Hemera my fav Tarot are mini aka bridge size!XD always happy to see publisher decide to offer mini edition as well!^^ :)

@Barleywine agree Major arcana should have poster size as well in case I wanna some fine wall art!XD lol :)


I have large hands, so the bigger the cards, the better it is for me. You can also see more detail in them. Jumbo all the way.


Pocket here actually, I have small hands and the standard cards are a bit unhandy for me :)


I'm a fan of the larger sized cards. Of course it means finding a larger space in which to lay them out.


Tarot size is my absolute favorite. I have the Thoth and Tarot of the Holy Light in both sizes and as much as I love the larger size, the regular size gives the decks a normal look and feel especially when reading for others. A large size is nice to look at but a regular tarot size seems to be more usable and practical.

ETA: And yes, you do need more room and yes I really like the poker size Morgan Greer.