Premonitive Dreams




I'm guessing my most recent one was the Russian plane crash in Oct last year, I dreamt I was in an aeroplane and it was coming apart around me. I woke up and saw it on the news.

Usually they're much more mundane, about people I know. When I was younger I was worried that my dreams could call on people and that's why they would show up out of the blue.

It's not something I talk about with people, apart from my mum and sister, because they've experienced similar.


I have dreamed every single house that I've lived in as an adult before I've ever lived in it. I really like those deja vu moments, they're pretty comforting. They make me feel like I'm on the right track and things are unfolding as they should. A little fatalistic, maybe, but it gives me peace. :)


great stories and experiences! I also like those "deja vu moments", SunsetKay. Yes, I also have this happen often.

the most recent one that was really cool was that I dreamed I was back at our home in VT, and I was walking to work, and stopped to talk to my neighbor. This neighbor in my dream was very, very pregnant--and I was surprised because I didn't know they were expecting.

I made a remark about it and she said something very odd in the dream, but in the dream, I felt like it was a good enough remark. She mentioned, "Yeah, **(hubs name) and I decided we'd enjoy taking care of a baby."

At the same time, I noticed her hubby was very busy packing their furniture into a truck-and also suitcases. I didn't remark on that--and again, in the dream, it seemed to be acceptable behavior. We said our goodbyes when company arrived in her driveway--"oh my family is coming to visit!" she remarked, and I walked on.

A few days later, we received a letter in the mail from her, and she announced a few new things to us. Her niece and hubby recently had their first baby and for the first month after the new mama went back to work- my neighbor & her hubby were going to be babysitting the baby. (my neighbors are in their late 50s early 60s) In March of this year, they are moving to Japan as the husband is a Japanese boat builder--and considered the Worlds Master in this craft for this particular boat. This will be their 2nd time of moving to Japan for one or two years at a time to teach the craft to other interested people.

Luckily, when it happened, I mentioned the dream to my daughter, because I thought it funny that I dreamed about them in this way. The last time these neighbors were in Japan to teach the craft of this particular boat building, they didn't expect to ever be invited back again. So I thought perhaps I was just thinking about them and my memories of their living in Japan before just jumped into my thoughts/dream.

I've had others dreams too that were quite predictive. It happens for me a lot--though is often a bit cryptic (like this one--why *K* turned out pregnant in the dream, rather hten her telling me her niece had the baby) I can't tell. Sometimes they are not cryptic at all but very right on.

I met my first grandchild in a dream - long before she was born. Everyone predicted a boy, but in my dream I KNEW it was a girl and stuck with it. Even my daughters doctor told her it was going to be a boy---AND not due to the ultra sound, as the dau and sil didn't want to know the sex. He was going by all the babies he had delivered in the past, including his own babies--both who were boys. This grandchild is the first girl born in my sils family for many generations too--so everyone was betting on a boy. I so wish I would've taken cash bets! :D


I dreamt about 9/11 before it happened - I was in a high rise building looking out an all glass window and there was a plane flying towards me.

I dreamt I was at a carnival and small child fell out of the sky and went splat right in front of me - on the news the next day I saw a report of a little girl that was too small for a ride that had been thrown from it several metres into the air.

I dreamt an ex boyfriend (who was working in an isolated location at the time) was telling me in my dream he had moved to a major capital city. Weeks later I found out he had moved to a major capital city (not the one in my dreams but a different one). Actually I dream about this ex usually not long before he contacts me again oddly enough.

I've had others but can't think of them at the moment.