preparing for a reading


Out of interest, do people have a "ritual" that they follow prior to doing a reading.
I always used to do my readings in the one spot in my house. I had particular music and burnt an oil combination prior to shuffling (frankincense, orange and lavender, I think). Now I have a one year old daughter, my only preparation is keeping them out of her reach, and taking them off her when she still manages to grab them!
I find it's definitely affected the quality of my relationship with the cards. Do other people have specific preparation routines, and does it help their reading?
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Hey all,

I always use the Cosmic Tribe Tarot for readings so before a reading I shuffle through all the cards, loosening them up and swapping the appropriate "Lovers" card (There are three variations; I only use one in a reading).

Then I close my eyes and shuffle the cards, concentrating only on shuffling and clear my mind. When satisfied I get the Querent to shuffle the cards and ask them to concentrate on a question.

Lately I have been fanning out the cards, telling the Querent the position of the card (eg. Question, Past Influence etc.) as they randomly choose one, rather than cutting the deck, and place the cards in position. That has been working really well and the readings are always very 'true'.

I look forward to reading others personal rituals :)


Hi all,

Thanks to some of the posts I have read here I have started using rituals. They are not elaborate.

before a reading, I do a quick grounding and then a short prayer asking God to send Gardian Angels to protect (from the north to the east, to the south, to the west and back to the north. from above an below(I visualize myself in a white robe with a sword in my hand pointing to the directions} and guide me and the person I am reading for. Then I or the person I am reading for shuffle while thinking of a question or clearing their mid for a general reading.

When they or I stop I read the top cards or cut them and read from the bottom half, which ever feels right.



Before a reading, velcro (R) your kid to the wall or ceiling. Works like a charm!


Quote:tarotbear (20 Nov, 2001 08:14):
Before a reading, velcro (R) your kid to the wall or ceiling. Works like a charm!

If only I could....LOL

PS don't forget to duck tape their mouths...screeching children and Tarot don't mix.

THIS IS A JOKE. I love my little girls with all my heart..



I used to go into so much preparation for a reading, using the same table in the same room, lighting incense or a candle - but just recently I've been doing readings wherever lol - outside or on the living room floor, and usually on the ledge in front of the pc, sometimes when I come into the forums :) I've just done a reading - it seems to be working ok, still getting good readings.


Before starting a reading, I make sure that all cards are upright. When I do readings for clients, I use my Celtic knot cloth, burn incence and take much care in the shuffeling. When I do readings for myself I am content with feeling grounded and focused on the question I have in mind.


Whether I am reading for myself or someone else, the first thing I do before a reading is to announce to my family I am doing a reading. This alerts whoever is here to answer the phone or the door because I will not.
I only use an elaborate ritual to raise power on special occasions when I incorporate a reading. Otherwise, it is a simpler preparation. I prefer to wash my face & hands before I lay out the items I will use: one candle or more, the spread cloth, several decks (so I have a choice handy), paper & pencil on my kitchen table. A short prayer & meditation follows before commencing the reading. Often the prayer & meditation do not happen because I go right into a "reading mode", but I like to give myself the opportunity to do so. Sometimes in warm weather I read outdoors on a lounge chair. For my own readings, I occasionally do them in bed. I light a candle on my nightstand & do the throw on my bedspread. I've done readings on the spur of the moment on whatever surface is handy--the floor, the ironing board, a chair. Also at other people's homes, in the car (as a passenger).


My ritual is before I do any readings I close my eyes and pray for protection. Then I ask my inner guide to help me and guide me with whatever the querent wants. I then ask the querent to tap the deck. I begin shuffling the deck several times, I do it at least three times. While I shuffle, I constantly repeat the querent's question in my head. Then when I feel comfortable with the shuffling I ask the querent to tap the deck again. Then I cut the cards and lay them out. So far I've been pretty accurate. The tapping really isn't necessary in my opinion but I feel that it lets the querent feel a connection with the deck.


My preparation is mostly mental - a matter of feeling grounded and focused, relaxed, and concentrating on the question (and layout I have in mind) as I shuffle. I don't have a set number of times I shuffle or cut, I just do it whilst focusing and start when it feels "right."

I do like to use incense and create more of a ritual at times, but I also like to be able to read in any kinds of surroundings and worry that if I get too used to an elaborate set-up, it'll be harder for me to do readings more spontaneously.