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Starting out as a Tarot professional

Going Professional

What is a professional? Who is a professional?

Question about professional reading

First Time Professional - Any Advice?

The turning point (or when to go professional)

How long did it take you since you started learning Tarot to get professional?

Going Professional

What is a professional?

Your journey into professional tarot

My professional career is over before it started

I may have turned a corner in my professional life

Professional tarot readers

First professional gig - advice please

I'm going professional and need some advice

When you were ready to go pro online...

How do you know when to charge?

Reading professionally and different deck?

Working for an online tarot service

Phone Tarot/Psychic Woes

Sole Proprietorship or LLC?

website questions for professional readers

Working for an online tarot service

Finding news ways to make money from Tarot

First time reading at festival - tips?

First time reading at market, Advise?

When do you charge for a reading???

About To Start Charging...

How Can I Get Into The Farmer's Market?

When do you know you can charge?

should I charge???

No support system

if you go pro, do you advertise to friends/family/



Looking for a reading job

What I charge (just for info)


The Cafe Reader Diary

Reading Tarot to Raise Money for Charity?

Practical questions/survey about your online tarot reading business

where to read please? commercially ethically: about trying to read on eBay

7 year dryden fair 2016

reading at dryden fair 2014

fourth reading at the drydren fair 2013

third year at the dryden fair , 2012

reading at the dryden fall fair 2010

My experience at the weekend fair

Just done a major Mind-Body-Soul fair . . .

Giving readings at a a fair

Renaissance Faire

Seeking for advice from full time readers - a thread about making and sticking to a schedule and also about setting boundaries

Charging and Payment processing

Just out of curiosity, for any professional readers

Anybody here do professional short readings publicly?

Click4Advisor, Paypal, and other resources?

Is there a list of companies that blacklist fortune tellers?

Don't want to charge that much

Charging for Readings

Charge for parties?

How much to charge

How Much to Charge for Mileage

Tarot Parties-What is an appropriate and reasonable amount to charge?

charging for your psychic gift

How much to charge?

what do y'all charge for parties?

Can/Do Pro's ever charge for ONE-card Readings?

Charging for a reading/internet

How much would you pay for a Tarot teacher or course?


First time reading at festival - tips?

Reading tarot at mind, body, spirit festivals

My first holistic fair this Saturday!

Tips for first-time festival-type event?

Reading at a fair

How do some readers get 50$/ 10 min reading at renaissance/psychic fairs?

Reading at a psychic fair

Medieval faire fortune teller

Festival fee, need some advice

Renaissance Festivals

First fair tomorrow - Nervous!

Renaissance Festival Readings

Psychic Faire Questions

Mind Body Spirit Festivals - Australia

Body Mind Spirit Expos -- any experiences?

Burnout after a fair

Reading at my First festival

Psychic Fair

Can you suggest suitable spreads to use at a psychic fair???

Psychic Fair - any advice?

reading at psychic fairs

Business Cards, web sites and Photos

Business cards for professional readers

Professional photos?

website questions for professional readers

Professional readers - photos of yourself to advertise?

Finding less expensive site building and hosting originally titled Very Talented Tarot Reader in need of help

Setting up business face or logo?

Tarot business cards

Choosing a deck for professional reading

What decks look more...professional?

Questions for the Professional Tarot Card Reader

Using an iPad with professional readings

What is a good presentable professional deck to use?

How popular are the Thoth and Tarot of Marseilles with professional tarot readers?

Which deck be more appropriate for Professional Tarot event

Animal Decks and the Professional

Legal Issues

Legalities in Professional Readings

Troll Attacks! and negative 'feedback'

Covering all your legal and financial bases?

Personal Ethics

Professional reading or what...?

Doesn't professional mean leave your personal judgments at the door?

ethical concerns in acting as professional tarot reader

Ground-Rules for Professional Reading

Question About Charging Customers

Is it wrong to charge?

Can You Charge Too Little??

Do you Charge $$$???

Building your skills

Professional Readers Exercise and Essay #1

Working through the Blocks

How to acquire clients? Presentation and Marketing

[FONT=&quot]Professional Readers: A Thread on Acquiring Clients[/FONT]

Professional Readers - Reading at parties and events

Professional Tarot Readers do you advertise?, Gimmicks, Shows

Marketing Yourself as a Tarot Reader

How do you market your Tarot services?

Your name and marketing

How to market

an interesting marketing method

How do you get those Ren fair jobs, party events, etc?

Setting up business face or logo?

What do clients expect from professionals?

others views on professional tarot readers.

got a professional reading

Have you ever received a subpar professional reading?

Being Professional

Professional Tarot Readers - Good vs. Bad

If you were a professional reader and I asked you....

Local paper interviews professional reader

What do you expect from a professional tarot reading?

Phrases to empower your client?

Frustrating Querents/Clients

Prepping for a reading session

Professional reading preparation

Prepping for a professional reading

Techniques, spreads etc

How to generate professional quality e-mail readings?

sharing your trade secrets with a local professional

For professional readers that does online reading

How long does it take you to complete an online professional reading?

What questions to ask the client before you begin the reading?

Lesson Learned

Half an hour reading

Being on TV

Professional Tarot on TV (personal question)

Tarot Readers and/or psychic readers

Professional Psychics...why use tarot?

Readers on ATF

How many professional readers do we have?

Where are you on the Professional Tarot Reader Spectrum?

Would you ever work as a professional reader?


Professional Tarot Certification?

Define Professional Tarot Reader?

Questions you may not wish or be able to answer

professional tarot readers and how long you'll live questions??

A question for all you lovely professional readers

A certain kind of professional reader?

Other issues

Professional Oracle readers?

Personal Privacy

For Professional Readers (on the need for personal privacy)

Using an alias or AKA for readings and staying anonymous

Teaching Tarot Classes

Resources for Teaching Beginners

Teaching Tarot