Psychic Development Group: Exercise 1


I've never tried to do a reading on handwriting before but I'm always open to try new things. Here it goes...

Tall, thin, long hair.
Full lips - You are a speaker or likes to have heavy conversations or are gregarious by nature.
Large body of water near by.
Meditates or prays by this water.
Greyhound or other long nose thin looking dog.
Winged Angel/Fairy kissing the dog.
Exotic things like baby elephant, cougar and pyramid.
Beach things like sand, beach chair and umbrella.
Do you feed, nourish or help animal creatures?
Could there be someone in the past that still has a piece of your heart but was rather crappy to you?

Darn there are too many distractions now. Will see if I can come back for more later.



This looks really interesting, I haven't done many of these types of readings but I'm really keen to give it a go

I saw someone with shoulder length blonde hair, slightly wavy and wearing sunglasses

I also saw something spinning around like it's on display, it's gold with what looks like a thin handle at first it looked to me like a trophy or even a teapot

I also got the colour green

I'm not sure if the word shooting or shooting for the stars means anything to you

At this point I had to stop because my cat kept interrupting me, typical attention seeker :D If I have time I'll come back and try again


Friendly, likes people. bunnies.
Little insecure.
Not from US.
Likes pretty things...and to dress up.
Moves fast, talks fast, energetic.
Mid age not too young or old.
Keep seeing by water or a water event figured into your life.
Glasses (sometimes), brownish hair.
Interesting story about a scar.
I also see horses.


Enjoying reading all your impressions guys - keep them coming :) All will be revealed on Sunday :D

And remember, if you have any suggestions or would like to be a sitter for an upcoming exercise, get in touch.


On the phone so will do what I can...ready or not.

My weak point is fun, games, and Psychic exercises. :D :D :D

Going to focus on the name "Amy".

I actually see a blonde and blue eyed female, could be you or around you, not slim maybe big boned and taller than 5 5 ft. Hair is not dead straight, but wavy or with a curl and passed the shoulders not to the back.

Also, I saw Auburn colored hair.

When seeing things like that either the person has different color tones or dyes her/his hair.

Again, it could be you, or someone you know.

I get a few names like Sandra or Sandy and Michael. Even Helen. With Michael I did get a glimpse of Michael Douglas.

I get or feel you are over 40 or close to it. 40 does show as a number, so is it significant in some way as in some life altering thing happening or an epiphany. A planned trip. Job change. Etc etc etc.

I get horses and a black one that kind of reminds me of Black Beauty.
So, you may very well be into them, live in the country, or are near horses.

Be back if I find another moment and time to focus more.

NOTE: The blonde blue eyed woman is rather strong. I wonder if she actually goes back further only as she looks like a "flower power" child. Dressed in 60s or 70s style clothing.

Could just mean you are old fashioned, into certain plights and/or causes, not into certain trends and conformities etc.

DND :)


Your Hand Writing...

Studied Psychology so am going off of that although it has been many many years. So...

1) You think and look ahead. Maybe even rush to finish things too at times so a bit impatient perhaps when it comes to completing a set task. Has to be done.
2) Not caught in the past. (Positive).
3) Trustworthy and reliable. One that could hold a secret or two and not one to gossip in a spiteful way or be on the phone 4 hours straight! (Unless important ).
4) Very creative and you would weigh up situations fairly.
5) Possibly diplomatic or at least considerate.

Not Psychology:

On the plus side you are vibrant, emotional, and mostly balanced

On the down side... a little chaotic or impatient with certain things.

Like you might be more patient with painting or writing, but less patient with house chores etc.

DND :)


An organised lady who knows who she is and what she wants. Good at dealing with problems and cutting through muddle. You like to know where you are with things.
Sociable and articulate, not a loner. not shy.
Warm hearted and kind - a people person. Are you a healer?
Sometimes you wish with all your heart you had more in life, you want to be better or do better in some way. Maybe this gives you the drive that makes you try harder in everything you do.
Essentially cheerful and optimistic - not prone to deep dark moods.
You do things properly and well, you take care & time with things.
Things haven't always been easy for you and sometimes you feel the walls closing in and you want to scream and take off running!
In spirit I feel a lady with blond to mid-brown hair, I can't see her well so that might be off - but she is not dark. She maybe had a difficult life, some kind of illness and her nerves were not good. Also in spirit a darker younger male - maybe her son? - who was a lot more lively than she was.
If this is a complete load of garbage Amy then ignore it! LOL

Jen P

I might not be able to participate fully in this thread since I'm in the process of moving, but I'm curious as to how I'd do. So here are the few things that I picked up.

I picture you as around 45, but you look younger than you are. You're a blue-eyed blondish color, with shortish/mediumish length hair (above the shoulder but not too short). I see you as shortish in stature (around 5'4"), bubbly and enthusiastic with a tendency to do things impulsively or quickly, but for the most part thoroughly. You have a quick mind. I'd guess you had a lot of fire in your astrology chart. You might have a scar somewhere on your head or face. When reading for people you would carefully consider the effect your words have on them, and tend to tell them what you feel they need to know right now (at the time of the reading).

You are mostly confident but you have a tinge of depression and/or self-doubt and often go back and forth between positive and somewhat "down" feelings. You seem positive to others, but your internal self feels that way only about 65% of the time. Personally, you are mostly open, but tend to hold back a bit and don't reveal your whole self. You are more of a leader than a follower. You've had problems in the past saying "no", but you're getting better at boundaries - you're not a pushover.

I see pinks and, to a lesser extent, soft blues around you, but I think it might be your aura or your clothing as opposed to your surroundings. For your surroundings, I see a light green or greyish or taupeish color - it looks very neutral. For some reason I feel you are strongly associated with a dark green - maybe it's your heart chakra or your favorite color. I felt this color besides the pink to be the most prevalent. Aside from some piles of books or papers, your surroundings are in order, not messy. But you have a lot of stuff.

I feel a D-name around you. Maybe Dan or Doug. I see ginger colored hair, a man, probably in his 40s. I also see a small or medium sized mostly brown dog. It's not large.

This is probably a load of rubbish, but that's what I see.


Hi, this is the first time I'm doing something like that. I even had to Google a picture of chakras and open my eyes to look at it before opening another flower :D Here are my impressions:

Likes to cook
Very into arts (painting maybe?)
Soft voice
Brown eyes or hair (brown color kept coming up)
Brave (but not too much), I'd say you're confident
You have children (maybe two?)
You're social, and have many friends
Into poetry
You're pretty positive as well.

I hope I got at least one thing right haha :D


thank you for doing this Audelia! :thumbsup: this is my first time really doing this and want to give it a go! Just going to write my impressions about what comes....

first of all when starting I really got a name Amy and the Angels, maybe that is a jokey message for me about you doing this or maybe you have a business or some link to you. But I wanted to write that came to me.

I decided to really carefully not read any other posts until after I posted so I can't be influenced.

What type of person does this seem like? What are her characteristics?
kind, compassionate, a bit of a rebel at times though. I really get the word rogue, maybe like comic book or you go rogue or you are a bit of rogue? I think maybe you are a little cheeky and play practical jokes. My mind kept saying maybe bubbly and my intuition said no not bubbly, I think you can be funny and like to make others and yourself laugh but different to bubbly. I wanted to include a not so positive characteristic and I think if someone doesn't agree with you or is judgemental about your life (like say doing tarot or mediumship), you really get argumentative! You know how to fight your side I think :)

What does she look like?
I am thinking big hair like hair with curls which can be a bit unruly. It's hard to manage and it looks really big and bouncy (and in my opinion fabulous) but it's a pain to maintain or do things with. I think not so tall, but you get focus because of your hair and it makes you look bigger than you are.

What type of energy do I think is around her?
I wonder if this relates to my Amy and the Angels idea! I got that before I read any questions. I wonder if you have a lot around you which allows you to do spiritual work and mediumship. Somehow you have managed to harness this well with practice. It's a whole lot of positive energy or souls that work together.

Are there any significant things that I need to know about this person?
- red shiny car, maybe once in a crash or was hit but you and the car are fine.
- I'm going to write this one in the order it came to me because it amused me. This is how it came - collects something weird as a hobby (or people think it's a bit weird, I think it's something to do with dried flowers or pressing flowers but people think it's a bit Victorian and dated.

- you've always been happy with one love in some way :heart:

What objects/places/names/colours surround this person?
I think you are quite trained or practised in this mediumship / clairvoyance area and I see the chakra colours going up your body in order, like in perfect balance or something like that? I have never really done anything with my chakras or the colours and I will in future but somehow you have them in perfect balance or you work at doing that.

Anything else surrounding, I am getting Peter Blue (not sure if that is one name or two separate things). rainbows in some way, not just your chakras but maybe a sticker or something like that?

Well that is my go! I am glad to try even if that is all wrong. I feel quite tired now which is interesting that often happens when I do spiritual work! Thanks for doing this :heart: