Psychic Development Group: Exercise 6


Thank you for all your input and impressions everyone :) I'm still having Wifi difficulties, so I'll be back with the next exercise as soon as I have a solid connection :)


Yes SB, there is a sense of sadness due to difficult relationship issues. My friend recently got engaged but since then her relationship has been going through a tough patch (a reference to the person walking away?). What has happened is quite unfair - a familial situation. There are sentimental feelings attached to the ring as it was one of the first presents her fiancé gave her, but now their future is uncertain. Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
Thanks for the warm up warm down exercises! They really helped! I did them very half-heartedly as there was a lot happening in the back ground for me (my family were around being noisy lol) I think if I actually get some time alone (lol) and practice and focus my thoughts things will develop for me.... and i'll probably get more... thoughts feelings....



The person is still very much alive, but has gone through some big personal transformations over the past year, so maybe that's what you're picking up? :)

Well that's good to hear! Yes that could be it the person that she/he was has died and a new one reborn kinda like the Death card. :thumbsup:


Thank you for the fb, Audelia. Wow! I did better then I had thought I would've. :) very pleased! She must be a very open person. Sending her blessings and wishes that all can be worked out for her. :heart: