Psychics and Tarot Readers....


And how much positive press have any of us seen re psychics or readers in a paper?
Actual press? Nothing. It's actually a comedy theme in my country, as it seems, since some idiots decided to call themselves as witches or warlocks. There's a fake psychic here that is known because he usually bets some football club is going to win or stupid stuff like that just to get famous. He always fails, but you know, he claims to be some sort of a warlock and people can laugh about it! And that's how it is here. Tarot readers are also seen as scammers due to bad individuals that claim to be knowledgeable (yeah, a woman on TV doing a live reading for a spectator that asked her about his daughter's future. She was like "oh, I see she's going through a bad breakup". The kid was 4 years old and the reader was humiliated. Live on TV...).
So yeah... The press only features the failures and the stereotypes are perpetuated. Sad, but true.

Unfortunately, this meets my point of view about reviewing... It's not right. If they happen to get someone that sees them as scammers (even if they are not) or if random people just decide to troll, their reputation is tainted... This is not right. Honest people do not deserve such.
I do not mind getting warnings about real scammers, though...


This is a little long, but here's a guy that took the time to do a proper analysis. We have ways of checking if someone is genuine but they rarely get used. I guess it's better news to just go right out and slander someone. I really don't have much time for news articles.


It is a farce because many tarot readers advertise as psychics when they are not. People think if they learn how to read cards, work in some intuition and voila they are psychics. Yes, there are narcissists that love to think themselves great and often times get burned by the exact examples you have provided. There are of course shorletans who ask 700$ to remove a curse. I've had the experience meeting all of those. BUT all that said they are tarot readers! Not psychics and should not advertise as such.

The real psychics, met two in my lifetime, cannot function in society. The filter between the right and left hemispheres is damaged. The young woman who "psychicly" read for me, looked schizophrenic to me. The first time I met her, it felt like drowning in cold water but still being able to breath. Every ounce in you body screams to get out of there as there is something wrong with this person. Her interactions with me were limited and just socially strange. The state took away her kids and her mother was taking care of her. She was also using her to make money but who am I to judge. The second psychic was an old blind man who was being taken care of my his grand daughter. Their predictions were very precise. Would they advertise on the websites? NO, because the state would interven and put both of these people in a mental hospital. Or to be used by some home land security agency if that suited them.

The rest of the population, like I mentioned before, they lack of knowledge of what a tarot reader is or does creates the stage for articles like that. People associate psychics with almost God like presence but get dissapointed when it falls below their expectations.

It is also a job of a tarot reader to explain what exactly and how they do it so a person sitting in front of them does not expect things that are impossible.


Really enjoying reading everyone's posts

While I know there are the good and bad, and one person may think someone is great, while another may not, I do think there are definite signs one should run.

Like someone saying they can remove a curse, make this or that happen, for the mere sum of......

The gullible will always be preyed upon and that is sad.


I don't pay too much attention to the reviews people I don't know post. I will take a chance on someone that a trusted family member or friend says is good. For one thing, as was already posted here on this thread, some people give bad reviews when they don't hear what they want to hear. And, a lot of people also don't really "get" or understand psychics.

So, I will give people a try for the right price. What amazes me are the people who are willing to give a lot of information on themselves up front before their reading! I often have to tell my customers to NOT give me information. In fact, a family member called to ask my opinion on a very famous, (world famous) psychic, who was not only crazy expensive for a 30 minute reading, (to the tune of a few hundred), but also had a waiting list over 2 yrs long & asked very telling questions of you. Such as your full name, names of WHOM you wish to come through to you in the reading, and how they died, as well as their relationship to you. I told this relative that after giving all that information, I don't know what else the psychic COULD tell you!

So, my best advice is to go to someone whom you can & are willing to payfor. Give no more information then your first name, and wait to see what happens. Have fun. Don't expect too much,but if you get a great reading, go back & take a friend or two.

Now, the one exception is, when I do give readings, & sometimes those I go to, will ask me for the 1st name of a deceased person they/i wish to be united with directly. i do this also & it also helps me to have a picture. Sometimes I also have better results holding onto something my client owns that is metal, such as their car key. I've had psychics I go to ask for this as well from me.

It's funny, as I've noticed that if I am given a house key, I often can describe the home accurately. A car key...the car accurately. A watch, I often see when the client rcvd it or from whom, ect. But if you have to give a lot of info to the flags. At least imho.