Quantum Tarot: Knight Pentacles


You gotta love an Earthy card in a Spacey deck, and this one is very appealing. The dark shadow of a centaur rides into the card from the right side, the star-map of the constellation Centaurus over the animal portion of his body. The human portion of his body is ringed by a huge Pentacle, his right hand reaching for it. From this I know that he is Chiron, the Wise Centaur: it's a little-known fact that most centaurs as a species, are left-handed, so he is a southpaw, betraying his unusualness amongst centaurs.

Another Pentacle in the middle of the large one balances between the palm of his outreached hand and his forehead, there is an eye that forms the centre of both Pentacles. Closer examination shows that it is joined to another eye by means of a nose and there is a hint of a gentle smile - a face is layered there, under two Pentacles, a centaur's hand, a twin tree somehow growing erect in space despite a lack of vital atmosphere and earth and even gravity to teach the tree which way to grow. That one eye in the centre of the Pentacles is jthe most important feature of the card. There is a light-source, the glow of optimism, beaming up from the bottom-left of the card, where the tree is rooted.

A mythic star-beast gently rides through a green forest scene, where trees cannot grow and there is not even gravity to keep the Centaur grounded. Everything is quiet and gentle. Knights Pentacles tend to be a bit reclusive, a bit conservative, and what could be more conservative than a centaur? One day he will trot out of the forest, but for now he is surrounded by everything he needs, and will not find a reason to leave his well-worn pathways.


Having a shed-load of planets in Virgo, I can closely relate to the Knight of Pentacles. :D He's the tortoise not the hare, so please don't rush him! Having Chiron represent this card in the Quantum emphasises the positive qualities of the KoP - his patient wisdom and healing instincts - rather than the sluggish, dilatory ploddiness that he's often associated with.


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I've been influenced by exposure to the Mythic Deck, also, where The Hierophant is a centaur in a cave holding a scroll (and where he appears again in the same cave in the background of the Two Wands), so to me the Centuar has around it a mystique, a sense of holiness. I've never seen this Knight as sluggish or plodding in his positive phase - the slowness around him I tend to associate with caution and with taking care as he does things. Attention to detail, the Knight tells me, can't hurt.

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And how could he move quickly, with a wounded knee?

The 78th Fool


The face on the Knight of Pentacles is none other than Nigel Jackson, creator of the Medieval Enchantment and Rumi Tarot decks.

Chris. xx


<with feigned casualness> Chris, I don't suppose you've a list somewhere of which faces appeared in which cards? (or in one case, which bare *rse?)