Queen of Cups


Hanson-Roberts-Queen of Cups

This is one of the most innovative designs I have ever came across in any Tarot pack. The queens wear a crown that looks slightly too big for her head suggesting to me that she has alot of her plate in life and wears alot of hats. She is the embodiment of the femine side of the water sign, to love and nurture are a second nature for her. She peers into the cup knowing full well that is contains a mixture of bitter and sweet, but she is willing to make that sacrifice as she drinks of the cup of love and emotions. She knows it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. I find I see alot of the females such as my wife, mother, sisters, friends and some men that I know represented in this beautiful deeply thought out card.



I also find this queen of cups very very feminine.
More than this, she is extremely delicate and vulnerable. No sense of power here, just the fragility of feelings.


I never thought of her as frail, but she does seem delicate. She rules with her heart and not her head, shows compassion and emotion.
I never noticed that her crown does look as though it's about to slip down around her neck.

I know this feeling. I am the queen of cups in life, she is always the one i connect with as "me" ....my crown slips from time to time and my life falls apart, but then I push it back up on my head, and keep going.

she can be as tumultuous as a stormy sea.