Queen of cups


thoughts? this has to be the most GORGEOUS Queen of cups i ever seen on a deck so far.


the seashell chair is a brillant idea!


Queen of Cups

One can't help but be enchanted by Robin Wood's "Queen of Cups." She is attired in a beautiful, green, liquid-flowing, satin gown, as she relaxes, legs crossed and in no hurry to move, on her delightful, half-shell throne. True to her regal nature, the Queen of Cups is composed and complacent, as she views the brilliant rays streaming out of the veiled cup in her hand...as if the cup contains all her deepest, most sensual emotions; NOT for viewing by the general public; hidden to all except those she wishes to show.

On her head is a golden crown topped by a single, perfect pearl. Robin put the pearl at the top because, "...her intuition (water) can uncover and raise the pearls of wisdom that are normally hidden. And just as a pearl takes a long time to form inside the hidden shell of an oyster, so her insights may take form over time deep inside her mind, to be revealed only at the right moment." If the King of Cups is ruler of the seas...Neptune, himself, perhaps...his Queen, as his lover, is most definitely the brightest pearl in the ocean...someone he'd protect over all else. The Queen of Cups knows and even expects this kind of devotion. She's aware of her beauty but doesn't need to flaunt it. In fact, flamboyancy is not in her nature at all.

Robin's coloring, especially in the background, of all the court cards in the suit of Cups is gorgeous, and I feel the coloring is at its absolute best in her Queen of Cups...pinks, purples, greens, turquoise and more all emphasize the evening sunset and watery realm. If there was a card I wouldn't mind hanging out in, it's this one. I can almost hear the Queen of Cups speak, in her refined and dignified, yet never patronizing manner. She strikes me as the most intuitive and psychic of all of the queens in the Robin Wood deck. Her love seems of the unconditional type and you can tell her compassion is unparalleled. On the hem of her dress, Robin has drawn gleeful "water babies" and sea creatures. Clearly she adores children...human and otherwise who reside in her water kingdom. Robin has also drawn in the actual sea/ocean a family of sea otters and even a distant whale to exemplify the Queen of Cups' pleasure of family.

If the Queen of Cups shows up in a reading, it could, of course, represent the querent himself/herself, especially if he/she exhibits the traits described above. If reversed, maybe some of these traits are needed to be examined and pondered over because they are missing or lacking in the querent's life. Also, depending on the question asked, the spread used, and where the Queen of Cups falls within that spread, the card could represent someone who is presently involved in the life of the querent, or who will eventually come into his/her life, or someone who has been a part of the querent's past. Maybe the Queen of Cups is beautifully coloring the overall feel of the situation asked about, or perhaps if reversed, the situation would benefit by some of the loving kindness; the quiet, wise and intuitive observance that the Queen of Cups possesses. It may be a sign to slow down, relax and think things over carefully.