Queen of Pentacles


{inspired by Marion's words}
"With the Fey, I have the most problem with some of the court cards. The Queen of Pents for example, while a charming card, does do not justice to that queen's qualities imo"

I tend to agree with you a bit there....I have LOTS of Earth in my chart so I relate to the Queen o'Pent....Fey queen does not project her 'position' in the usual pentacle ways.
She is young, where I tend to see Queens as the 'mother' {mother-worker for Pents}
.... this Fey teases, "come get my disk, I dare you!". This Fey has no fear. Balance between the dark and the light is shown in her disc....now who else could be a working mom? Quite a juggle with home, job, & kids....
She seems to be soft spoken, but not timid....that might come from the pactical down to earth nature of the Queen.
She has not really made any apperances in readings, so I have little experience with her...but I think the 2 of Pents is her mother.


I've gotten her quite a bit and it tool me a while to get used to some of the changes in this deck. I think one of the major themes for the queen that has survived is taht the Queen of Pent. is usually the least concerned with being queen. She is usually shown in a garden setting where she is surrounded by flora and fauna. The book for the fey suggests that her rebelliousness is important to the meaning. The earth element is usually considered very orderly but if you think about the metaphor of a garden and nature this fits. The queen isn't concerned with politics or due process or rank, these are unnatural concepts to our earthy little lady. She has a balance of light and dark because in nature both violence and serenity can be found comfortably co-existing.

When I've pulled her in a reading I have usually thought of her telling me to challenge conventions and also to accept the dark in light annd light in dark in a situation.


The disk she is holding has got a sun and moon on it:

Sun represents your ego and individuality. It shows your ambitions and deepest character traits. It represents your vitality, Some solar characteristics are ambition, confidence, strength, leadership and desire for recognition. Some positive characteristics of the Sun are dignity, generosity, will power, loyalty, fairness and honour. Some negative characteristics of the Sun are jealousy, conceitedness, arrogance, laziness and obstinancy.

Moon shows the everyday activities of life - how you get along with people, especially women. The Moon shows where your strong emotional attachments are. The Moon affects moods, memory and subconscious thoughts. The Moon represents the mother, domestic matters and home life. Some positive characteristics of the Moon are inspiration, magnetism, visionary and positive psychic powers, flexibility, amourousness and creativity. Some negative characteristics of the Moon are self-destructive or negative psychic powers, dreaminess, moodiness, possessiveness, smothering love and a tendency to be clannish.


I adore this Queen.

I think that she has moved beyond the need to be seen as a Queen: she's far more mature than that. She's able to wear her rank lightly.

She's very practical and down to earth, and I think she brings pompous people down to size for example by greeting them in her usual get-up when they are expecting something a bit more formal. She sees through to people's true natures and treats them accordingly.

For some reason I am reminded of Barbara Good in 'The Good Life'.

(my age!)