Queen of Wands


I look at the "Queen of Wands" as, perhaps, the ever-so-slightly softer side of the King of Wands. In Robin's deck, she still exhibits the same exuberant qualities her kingly partner displays, but there's a feminine, intuitive wisdom at the root of it all...even if the queen is not representing a female in actuality. Just because a court card depicts a person of a particular gender, age, race, cultural background, etc., it does not mean that the querent or the person he/she is asking about must match those physical qualities when a court card shows up in a spread. To me, that would be a very limited way of looking at a court card and would often miss-the-boat on the rich symbolism and lessons inherent in court cards. I feel what's more important is that the non-physical qualities are noticed in the court cards, emphasized by the suit and element they represent...the overall personality, how such a person might act (or react) or is acting in any given situation, the way a person of this type tends to reason, what's important or not to such an individual, etc.

Robin's Queen of Wands is a decidedly lovely gal, but with an edge as sharp as cut crystal IF SHE FEELS IT'S NECESSARY. This is a warning for those unaware of such personalities. Very much a wand-type myself, spider is not my totem for nothing. And please don't fail to notice the Queen of Wands sports a lion on her breast, just as her king does. This queen is sure of herself; adventurous; highly creative; thinks outside-the-box; not afraid of risk; resists being boxed-in or pigeon-holed; enthusiastic to the nth degree; willing to shake things up if she deems they should be; sharply intuitive; dreams big and will act on her dreams if at all possible; opinionated (but hopefully willing to admit when she's wrong); in love with LIFE; has a great sense of humor which may be considered off-beat; an extrovert who is not scared of being center-stage; and so much more...

The softer side of the Queen of Wands includes her radiating warmth and usual tendency towards generosity; giving her ALL to anything or anyone she sets her mind to. I feel the Queen of Wands can more easily lend a sympathetic and genuinely concerned ear to others than would the King of Wands. She can be deeply sincere, whereas he is more surface and self-serving. I found it interesting, however, when Robin wrote about the suns which paraded around the hem of the queen's dress, "...her disposition is usually sunny. But when she bends the full energy of her brilliant, unswerving attention into the dark places in a person or institution, someone is going to get burned. Then it's like the fire of several suns, for she makes a formidable enemy."

Fond of black cats myself, and having one who is asleep on the bed beside me as I write this, I love that a black cat naps on the hem of the queen's dress, with ears alert and perked...for one wonders if a cat ever truly goes into a deep enough sleep to be unaware of his/her surrounding. Surely the lion in a domestic cat is not obliterated even after thousands of years of domestication. Since symbolism is a personal thing, the Queen of Wands's cat represents her familiar to me...her partner, aiding her in the seen AND unseen. For despite the queen's confidence in herself and her own abilities, it's always nice to have a second pair of eyes and a confidant.