question about timelines and cards


I would be interested in hearing info on how people get a sense of time with the cards. As in, when will something happen? I know time is always relative, but are there cards that can help suggest a month or number of days/ weeks? Or what happens first vs. what happens second? Before vs. After?


The book "Tarot in Ten Minutes" by R.R.Kaser says the following:

If you're trying to predict when something will happen (like when you'll get a promotion, or something solid like that):

Magician: By the new Moon
HP: Crescent moon
Empress: Full moon
Emperor: Quarter moon
Hierophant: Winter Solstice
Lovers: Spring Equinox
Chariot: Summer Solstice
Justice (she goes with Justice as #8--and I'd go with this, too; "Strength" wouldn't make sense for "Fall"): Autumnal Equinox
Hermit: In a matter of days
Wheel Of fortune: Within a year

The way this is done is to use just these ten cards in a three card spread. The first indicates the "thing" (Empress = "The outcome of past efforts," for example), the second what will happen (Chariot = "will be challenged," for example) and the third is "when" (Hermit = "In a matter of days"). So the sentence you get is, "In a few days, the outcome of past effort will be challenged."

Don't know if you or anyone else agrees with her designations (most of them make sense, actually, like Empress for full moon), but it seems to me they only work if you use only those ten cards and make sure you have a "When" position in your spread.

If you wanted to use more cards, go with Major Arcana and their zodiac signs. So if, say, "The Moon" showed up in a reading, you could read that as Pisces, meaning that it was going to happen in late Feb. or early March. Using this, I'd make these changes:

Fool: Spring Equinox

Magician: New moon
HP: Crescent moon/half-moon
Empress: Full moon

Emperor: Aries (late march/early april)
Hierophant: Taurus (late april/early may)--you get the idea--
Lovers: Gemini /Chariot: Cancer
Strength: Leo/ Hermit: Virgo

Wheel of Fortune: Summer Solstice

Justice: Libra

Hanged Man: Fall Equinox

Death: Scorpio/ Temp: Sag/ Devil: Cap

The Tower: Spring Equinox (trust me, this works. Spring is when the world is shaken up, the ice cracks and melts, the green that's been underneath, silent and waiting, appears...)

The Star: Aquar./ The Moon: Pisces

The Sun: Summer Solstice

Judgement: I'd read this as "RIGHT NOW!" or maybe "When you want it to happen"--what do you think?

The World: Within a year