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I just started reading tarot so I'm still experimenting to find the things I like. But I would like some suggestions as to what works best. When you do a reading about a specific question, what format does it take? I've read in some places that the question should be carefully prepared and quite specific, but sometimes I think it might work better with just some keywords.

Does anyone have suggestion as to what kind of question or statement can make the reading more focused?


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I prefer general readings, especially when I do a celtic cross. In fact, I rarely do a CC spread anymore unless it's for general questions like "What's going on right now that I/querent need to know about?"

I've found that narrowing a question down can be quite difficult for a querent. They want to know everything in just one spread and they want to know it now! ;) What I do is say: "What is likely to happen in so-and-so's love life if they continue to follow their current path?" You can substitue career or whatever for love life. That way the question is basically always the same and you don't have to memorize so much that it feels unnatural.

Experiment and do what feels right for you.
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the faeries Oracle has a great section onquestions, so I'll try to summarise it.
Taking away the generalness and fuzziness helps to make it focussed (my tarot teacher always said fuzzy questions give fuzzy answers). To get away from this the oracle book says

*be specific/precise about people places/timeframes/situations
*first things first- are you asking the right question- or making misleading assumptions, so that you are starting the questioning in the middle
*choose active, not passive questions ie assume you have choice and responsibility, that you are able to create the future
*clarity- keep it simple, if you can't go with a simple question maybe you don't really know what the question is.

I remember someone saying they always journalled about the situation before asking any question. That seems a really wise approach to me.
Just editting to add that for me, it can be more enlightening to ask a series of specific questions than a single general one.


you have been given some excellent ideas. i have nothing worthwhile to add.

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(except that the ideas are excellent LOL)


Excellent question!

The human mind works in odd ways. If you ask a person to concentrate on their question with absolute clarity, their mind will wander (try this for yourself).

Ask a person to think lightly on a subject (and not give themselves an aneurysm in the process, and you get the clarity.

If a person tells you ?I?d like a reading on my boyfriend?, usually they are thinking of Themselves WITH the Boyfriend and you get a reading that is skewed.

Third person readings are difficult. They can be made easier if you have a personal item.

Diana?s points are very valid.

One other thing?which is why I personally dislike the specific question?most of the time what people are convinced IS the problem, is only a symptom of a much deeper or completely different issue.

So it is important when the cards come up to be open and receptive to what they are saying.

I.e.: The person asks about love, the cards are about work. Do not read into this, something that is not there (?Your affair with your co-worker?.?), perhaps work issues are overlaying issues of the home?


Great responses!
I agree that focussing on a question can be difficult. Umbrae's point about asking about one thing & receiving an answer about something else is well-taken. It indicates the complexities involved in posing a question; the hidden aspects a querent is unaware of.
I did readings for one client over a span of some time who apparently focussed on when she would meet that special man. She was single again after a marriage of many years. Her readings consistently produced material about security-related aspects, such as finances, job, home. As happens to many women whose marriages dissolve, she was left poverty-stricken. She equated having a man in the life with security--not an uncommon perception. Indeed, her sense of self was mixed up with being married, not being single. She was fearful of being "alone", until she realized she was left alone during most of the marriage. It was very enlightening for her--& for me.


This is the thread from November, 2001 in which Tigerlily provided an approach.

-- Forming a question (


When I do readings, I allow the querent to keep the question if they so chose. I encourage the verbalization of the question so I don't have to waste time reading the cards about what they asked, and can start reading about other aspects of their situation and possible solutions. Some, however, get embarassed easily, and are more comfortable if they don't have to verbalize their question (which is often a big clue as to what they are asking about).

Also, once in a great while, a querent will ask a question verbally but the cards will tell me they are thinkin of something else. Usually, this happens among people of cultures where its considered somewhat (if not extremely) taboo to talk about one's love life. Usually, if these circumstances the "false question" is about career or finance. It's rare but I haven't missed when I've called a bluff like this.

As far as spreads go, I like the Celtic cross and other larger spread. Just as the tarot is about complex symbolism, so are the mysteries of life also complex. Usually, there are few simple yes-no answers to the questions is our lives and multiple aspects and influences need to be considered.

As far as reading about others goes, I use a technique I learned from another reader. I ask the querent to imagine themself as that person. It worked when this reader read for me about some people in my life. It has worked when I get asked questions about someone else by querents. Give it a try and so how it goes for ya.

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