Questions, Questions, Questions

September Pixie

Well.. I wouldn't say I am nosey.. but rather a curious soul with a burning need for 'new' things in life..

SO.. when you first got your faerie's.. how did you bond with them? Did you do anything other than what the book suggests? I slept with mine for a few nights.. usually by accident (fell asleep reading) and I actually talked to mine.. (uh yeah, I did.. seriously...) I'm interested in hearing your bonding stories too :)


What kinds of things to you write down in your journal? Only the readings? Poems? Flowers? Sketches? Games? Songs? All of the above? I'm not asking for journal entries to be read.. just some creative ideas to get myself motivated :)

Can't wait to hear what you all have to say!

Laura Borealis

One of the things I did when I first got mine was spread them all out in the moonlight, on a gorgeous warm summer night filled with the sounds of frogs and water cascading over a small dam. The moon was literally bright enough to read by. I let all my faeries soak up the moonlight while I looked at them card by card.

I'll have to do that again when I get my replacement cards. :)

September Pixie

oh! that sounds lovely! I just might have to give my fey folk the same kind of treatment... hmm I live smack dab in the city though.. hmm Do you think nature sounds cds would take away from the au natural moment? Do you think it helped you bond 'more' with your cards?

Laura Borealis

If your faeries would like it, I think it would be fine! :)


The Faeries and I bonded through doing the exercises together, sharing them with my husband (he thought they were pretty cool and even picked a card of the day two or three times ... which is AMAZING for him), they slept in my pillow case, and for the last two+ years have traveled in what ever purse or bag I carry. We have bonded through Faerie music, and well they are just a constant and wonderful part of my life now. When they feel ingnored the hide either my Feries Oracle book or deck for a couple of days and chatter at me to seek something in which ever one is missing .... I can't help but love them.