Quick & Dirty New Deck Interview Spread




1: What is your personality like?
2: What are you here to teach me?
3: What is the outcome of our relationship?

Example Reading
Deck: Dark Grimoire Tarot

1: 5 of Pents --- From the imagery/my intuition, I’m getting the idea that he is a deck to be feared, but he only shows that side when it’s necessary. If you’re doing fine, you’ll have a good time with him.
2: 4 of Wands --- Again, from imagery/my intuition. it’s gonna be a struggle to the top, but with a little help, you’ll get there in the end.
3: XI - Strength --- You know how I read this deck now, I suppose. Anyway, I will be able to be strong and face my fears, and also gain some control over my demons.


Good quick spread. Just a small observation though :) The second card should have been "The deck will teach you that you'll make it despite the difficulties..."