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Got nine hours or so to do a reading? Try this one - it is mind altering, and takes a lot of time to even lay all the cards out.

'A Handbook for the Journeyman' by Eileen Connolly explains Rahdue's Wheel contains three wheels of 12 cards each (36 cards), six solidifiers (6 cards), two blocks of nine cards each (18 cards), and two pillars of nine cards each (18 cards). The circles are contained within each other, and each looks like a clock face.

Card #1 begins at 1 o'clock, and after you make the first circle, you make the other two just like it surrounding it. You have an inner/present life activity, centre/future life activity and outer wheel/past life activity.

When all three circles are laid out, the 12 position should line up vertically like this: 38 -- past life wheel in 12th card position for outer wheel, 25 -- future life wheel in 12th card position, 12 -- present life wheel in 12th card.

The inner circle contains a pyramid with Card #13 (Solidifier #1) at the apex, card #26 (Solidifier #2) to the left base and, card #39 (Solidifier #3) at the right base Card placement meanings: #1-inner self, karmic path #2-Security and relationships #3-Plans, ideas, philosophy #4-background, parents, home #5-hopes, desires, pleasures #6-health, concerns #7-partners, loved ones #8-the Mystic Symbol--portrays potential gains #9-Distance, Travel #10-Karmic Amplitude--life's work #11-True desire for self and others #12-Hidden vibrations, known only on the subconscious level. Solidifier #1 = direction as a result of present life activity.

The place meanings are the same for all three wheels. Solidifier #2 represents the direction into the future and solidifier #3 represent the results of past activity Two blocks go below the wheels in the Rahdue Wheel spread. One is laid out after the wheels. The first block is called Dagim Block and contains cards #40 through 49 laid out in a straight line from right to left.

Connoley writes of this block, "Unlike the structured pattern of the 3 wheels, these nine cards are read as a block. This block contains information regarding the client's immediate past life. There is no time sequence involved....The Dagim Block will focus directly into an immediate past-life situation that is relevant to a present situation....The information we derive from these nine cards only presents the patterns of similarity between one life experience and another -- the karmic pattern."

Card #49 = Solidifer Card #4 and is a key to the present life. "It solidifies his intended karmic patterns," Connolley writes. To the right of the 3 graduated wheels is the Pillar of Taleh which explores PAST LIFE RELATIONSHIPS. Connolly says these cards should not be read individually until they have been read as a unit.

The lay out is 9 cards, throws #50 to 58 in a vertical line beginning at the bottom of the pillar. Card #59 = solidifier #5, the "key to knowledge." It is placed to the left of card #58. Connolly writes that a King solidifer signifies that a female will find her soul mate and a queen solidifier confirms a soul mate for a male querrent. She further explains "the solidifier confirms, consolidates an refers only to past life relationships that are relevant to the present."

To the left of the wheels is the Pillar of Shor, which explores PAST LIFE EXPERIENCE. It is laid out the same as the other pillar using throws #60 through #68. Card #69 = solidifier 6, the "key to open" which "holds the lesson of the illar." It is placed to the right of card #68. "Use this solidifier as a light to shine on hidden reasons and past experiences," Connolly says. This pillar explains why people do the same things over and over again, i.e., the "same guy/girl different face" relationship mistake.

The final element to Rahdue's Wheel is the Malkuth Block comprising cards 70 through 78.
They are laid out like the previous block from right to left directly below the previous block. There is one less card in this block than in the other, so the cards kind of overlap if you are working in a limited area.

Connolly says to lay these cards face down. You only turn up the # of cards it takes to answer the questions the querrent has already prepared, — the querrent can ask up to 9 questions at the beginning of the spread. He/she is to write them down and not tell the reader until this point what the questions are. One card turns up to answer each question.
If only one question is asked, turn up all cards in the Malkuth block and interpret as a group. Connolly writes a lot about meditating on the cards and provides a calendar for doing so. She also writes about the significance of the #9 as a mystic symbol in Rahdue's Wheel.

Connolly says that the future wheel is only accurate up to 3 months in the future and the past wheel is accurate up to 28 days in the past. She recommends that readers "do" Rhadue's wheel four times a year.

Note: Most of this post was copied from the 'Psychic Visions' blog by scruffy Hippo. I have copied it as it explains the positions much better than I could. This spread looks mind-alteringly complex, but it becomes much easier as you go along. I wouldn't recommend doing it if you don't know the meanings of the cards by sight, or at least have your own interpretations of what the cards mean, as you need to sort of flow with it, and constantly looking in the LWB would break the patterns up too much, as would second guessing yourself.

Good fun though - don't know if I'd do it again in a hurry, but enjoyed doing it. :D

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