If you look at the double traot tableau I laid out on this page, you might get some insight. There is in fact a correct order to the numbered tarot cards, and also a correct attribution of symbols and hebrew letters, as well as astrolgical signs.



Your tableau uses a combination of the doubling principle mentioned in Ouspenski and others, except that you have used the Waite numbering.

The earlier numbering of Justice as eight and Stength as eleven, with the Fool remaining unnumbered, but traditionally positioned between XX and XXI, also yields significant Qabalistic and astrological correspondences. It does this whether one pairs them, triples the series (with the Fool standing outside it), or quadruples the series...

Though I agree with you in that there are 'correct' numberings, I do not agree that they are Golden Dawn/Waite ones, nor do I think that any Kabbalistic and Astrological associations are intrinsic to the deck.

Your site is worth visiting... thank-you.