reader or client?


I was just browsing the forums here and for once took a look in the reading exchange forum and for a moment almost wanted to ask for a reading - but didn't.

see, i am a fairly good reader - but an awful client.
think about the most skeptical client you ever had, the one who would butt in everywhere and refuse to see even the most obvious truths about herself...
that's me.

oh, i try to behave, but deep down i guess i am just not ready for anyone else to snoop around in my life;)

i have had my cards read for me a few times only. the first time by a pro, an english spiritual medium, julia hall. it was a sloppy reading.
the next time it was an on-line reading and i just couldn't help but notice how the reader had copied all card-definitions from Bunning.
and then i had a friend from LJ do a reading, just a three card one. he is still a beginner and had a very fresh outlook and i was truly impressed.

anyone here that is as bad as me as a client?


well, I find that I can be really critical. I got a reading from someone over the internet once. They showed me which cards they drew and then gave me their interpretation. And it was wrong! I know how everyone says tarot is all about's what you want it to be, but this was a big load of crap. I guess having more knowledge about it can be a bad thing. Or maybe it's a good thing.


Hi Jema!

To tell you the truth, I've never had my cards read, other than here. I don't have a problem with it at all, although I might choose questions that make good examples, and perhaps not the ones about my very deepest, darkest secrets. Schoolbook examples, just because I love to see someone elses point of view. Some of it I might not agree with at all, but it always makes me think about it, and perhaps that is all that is needed.

You know, whatever the reading says, it's not carved in stone or anything, perhaps reflecting over what the reading says is enough to widen your scope, alter your way of thinking and lead you into a different path altogether.

I don't know how I score as a reader, my guess is I'm pretty average for a 1 year student, what I do know is that just working with the cards has made me start thinking in wider perspectives - all the time, no matter what I think about. I don't think this has only to do with learning to read for myself, but all the reflection involved in the Tarot at all. So therefore I don't have a problem with the reading, whether I "buy" everything in it or not, it has ALWAYS something to offer!

Light and love,
Jenny :)

PS: Isn't it frustrating to find someone doing a sloppy, half-hearted job at something, when you really expected the world of that person, or that situation? I guess your bad experiences there adds to your attitude towards being a tarot-client...


I've only had a reading once--she started with the soul cards, then pushed them aside & went right into a psychic reading & first thing out of her mouth was "You've got to stop worrying about your business, the money is there & will come in for you", I asked her what she saw as my business (not wanting to give her any info) and she made petting motions in the air, said "It's white, I can't quite get it but it's icing on the cake". I busted out laughing! She was dead on! I made white bunny rabbits for an online comic & they WERE considered 'icing on the cake' for people who loved the comic.

We covered a few more things, but the rest wasn't as accurate as the first part was.


I've only had two readings. The first was years ago, from a woman who, during her reading, offered to light candles for 500$ to "save you from the people who are cursing you" (I said no, as you can imagine, LOL).

The second was when we were in New Orleans. The reader was very nice, and she hit a few points in a vauge sort of way, except she was *completely* off about my relationship with Ken, basically describing him as a beer swilling, TV addicted, unromantic couch potato. Although her wording was a bit more positive. I almost burst out laughing, 'cause that description is the complete and total opposite of what he's really like. :D

So, I haven't had much luck being read for yet. Maybe I am too critical. I am tempted to exchange readings, but I'm going to wait until I've practiced more on my family and friends.


i'm the opposite of tarotlady_nl read for me and she did a great job! the reading was very accurate.


Quote:Originally posted by VGimlet
I've only had two readings. The first was years ago, from a woman who, during her reading, offered to light candles for 500$ to "save you from the people who are cursing you" (I said no, as you can imagine, LOL).

i heard of those people!! they had an article in a swedish magazine about a year ago on scam-artists. and i think they did feature just that kind of persons who want HUGE amounts of money. oh and some woman who wanted ALL your money so she could "purify" them (i.e. run away with them and never be seen again)

anyway, as for being a client. i guess i am just weary of two things - those that follow the LWB to a letter and those who tell me they are divinly inspired and proceed to recieve messages from spirits claiming to be my grandmother.


once, when receiving a reading from a good friend, i got so angry at what he and the cards were saying that i said something about what @#(*&% it was and stormed out.

later i had a conversation with another friend that helped put it all in perspective, and i apologized to the friend who gave the reading.

i think i've been getting better at listening since then :}


I go for readings, but only after I have done one for myself on a major issue of which I cannot make / decide on the right answer. I go mainly just to confirm what I have come up with.
I have two "profesionals" I go to and they are both very good and do things very difeerently from each other.


I had my first real reading done last summer. It was done at an internet reunion by the brother of the man who was hosting the reunion that year. The second night there he pulled out his cards and started doing readings for everyone. I was the last person he read for and had to be practically dragged to the table for my reading. I had just met this man the day before and I don't like people who I don't know seeing too much of me, of my thoughts, fears, hopes...

He was amazingly right on through all of the reading. How I needed to stop worrying so much about finances, things would be getting better. (He had no way of knowing I was to start a new job as soon as I got back home.) He talked about how my husband would be coming home soon. (He had no idea where my husband was and why until after the reading when I told him about my husband in the military.) He got my personality right. How I hate to loose and am very competative.

At the end of the reading he said that I was very difficult to read for. Probably because of my own uneasiness in having it done.