Reading for a Comic Character - a fun Tarot exercise


A little while back I did a reading for a web-comic character named Niku. The comic is here; ... the reading was at the request of the author as I'd done one previously for the comic and a couple for him and he wanted to see what the Tarot had to say. I figured it would be a good exercise. He did give permission for me to post this. It was a 5-card Past-Present-Future using the Tarot Illuminati;

1) Past; Prince of Pentacles; Coming from what she thought was a good family - solid and steady. Family around her and having a good (seemingly boring) community to live in. She grew up well cared for and happy. Educated in the practical things needed to thrive in her world.

2) Recent past; King of Wands; Stern treatment from one she looked up to - but they were looking out for her best interests. She was more ready than she thought she would be for the trials to come.

3) Present; Justice; Finding balance and fairness within herself. She is learning to stand up, not only for herself, but for others. She is finding out that there is good and evil in the world and has decided to take the path against the evil.

4) Near Future; 8 of Cups; Very soon Niku will have to make the decision of having to leave behind what she knows and those she cares for and take a dangerous path to achieve the goal which has been set for her.

5) Future; The Sun-rx; There will be success, but not all will be happiness. She will reach the goal that has been set for her, but she will suffer loss and pain to get there.