Reading for Absent Querents


How do you do a reading for people who aren't in the room with you, who are on the Internet or over the telephone? Do you choose the cards for them or use some other method?

~ Solandia


On the phone, I shuffle the cards while they describe their question or situation and I tell them to tell me when to stop shuffling. Then I proceed as usual with whatever layout feels right for their question.

I don't do readings via live chat on the internet, but I will do them via e-mail. Then I just use my own intuition.


I know the people I usually read for pretty well. I can do the readings with or without them in most cases. I've done readings for them over the phone and through email and they've all been pretty accurate.

I just think of the person, picture them in my head, think of their question and situation and then lay out the cards. Sometimes I use a significator and sometimes not. Depends on how the mood strikes me.

Rhiannon :)


I actually just finished reading for a friend over the phone, and what i did was to ask her to tell me about her problem and question while i was shuffling the deck, and right after she says everything i stop shuffling. after which you precede to just reading as is.
it was actually the first time i tried reading someone who wasn't there physically and the reading proved to be quite accurate still, so i guess it doesn't matter...
besides, if it did, how do you think cleo gets all those callers and their money ^_^


I do not do readings over the Internet, rarely over the phone. Most of the readings are at a distance where a time is agreed upon, & I ask for no information other than the name & birthdate.
I use the querent's name & birthdate to focus. I write what thoughts I receive from that, if any. Then I shuffle the cards until they feel "tight", cut, put the cards together & then do the throw. I look the cards over, write any impressions before continuing with an interpretation. During the interpretation I also write on & off. I transcribe from the notes to email.

tiger lily

I have done readings via e-mail; either the other person had shuffled and laid out the cards and I interpreted them (like on this forum) or I shuffled and spread out the cards. I didn?t know them personally, nothing about their age, etc. but they always told me I was right on.
I concentrated on their question, asked the Most High to guide my hands so that the right cards would turn up and asked for inspiration so that I would know what was important for them to know. Sounds mystic? ;) But it worked.


I've done readings via chat rooms (in a private message box) sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. But I'll only do it for people I've chatted to for a while - I've had some really interesting results. I ask my inner guide for help when shuffling and then their question. Makes for good practise.