Reading for fun, and got this??

September Pixie

tonight a friend was so in love with my Fey deck she asked if she could try a reading for herself... she kind of understands the basics of tarot and what the cards mean, so I agreed.. then she said "ok for a pratice reading, I will throw out.... Am I or could I be pregnant right now?" since she wasnt expecting a real answer.... she wasnt worried about what cards she layed..

she did a basic 6 card PPF.. and got:

7 of Chalices & The Emperor - The Stars & 6 of Pentacles - Knave of Chalices & Queen of Wands..

She then gasped as she saw the present and future cards.. she said "well.. the past makes since.. everytime i thought i was pregnant I havent been.. and my husband and I havent been trying... but the 6 of pentacles makes me think of a baby floating in a womb with bubbles around it.. just bursting to come into the world.. and the future looks big and pregnant!"

after the reading was over she told me... "Nina, I'm 10 days late too!"

Any thoughts would be nice, :) I thought about posting this on the Reading board but the Fey are somewhat different than regular tarot I think and would love to hear everyones comments.. she plans to test tomorrow, and I will of course share the news :)

September Pixie

She tested this morning and it was negative leading me to believe though when she does try it will happen rather quickly!


Never mind the cards - 10 days late - that could easily be a false negative....!

Now let's do mind the cards - bet she is, too...


Any updates on this story??


Would really like to know.


September Pixie

I hesitated to post about this :( she ended up having a very early miscarriage, but she was indeed expecting! She never recieved a positive on a test except a blood test and the HCG levels were very low. So while the story had a sad ending, they ended up being right!