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diane drizzy

I find that my Faeries are a personal experience. I almost feel like a protective mother toward them, especially when someone says, "Oh what ugly cards!". Has anyone else been through this? And do use your Faeries to read for others? On the other hand, I also love them so much that I'm too selfish to share anyway! :laugh:

Island Dreamer

Ugly cards???????

I can't imagine anyone describing the Faeries Oracle in those terms - the cards are beautiful, subtle, complex and thought provoking.

I only use them for myself - I don't read for other anyway, not with oracle or tarot, so it's not a problem for me.

I would be happy to let someone look at them though, if they were genuinely interested and asked some intelligent questions!



I find I can only read with them for people who believe in them, and appreciate them like I do.

Or for people who are not present at the time I am reading...
I hate to say it, but my Faeries love to talk about people who are not around! :D


I second that... "Ugly cards???" These are gorgeous cards, anyone who calls them ugly is suffering from Faeryfolk mirroring again ("Bounces off me and sticks to you~!" :p )

My sister has used these cards as her primary deck when reading for the public, for her job. Hopefully she'll show up and tell you about that... "Oh saaaggggg? sagitarian???"

I use these cards for friends or myself mostly. I can't think of a single time I've used them for a stranger, but I don't read for as many strangers as I do friends. Not that I wouldn't... but it's my habit to keep them tucked on their bookshelf, safe in my piano room, so they usually just aren't as handy, that's all.


I'm speechless with disbeilief.

I only use my Faeries for myself.
If my daughter or my son ask I'll pull a faerie for them, for a special situation they want some help with.
They respect the Faeries and think they're beautiful.

After hearing that diane dizzy, I'd keep them all to yourself, so as not to get their little faerie feelings hurt.


WHAT?? Ugly?? Someone clearly lacks all sense of good taste. The Faeries are stunning. Even the "ugly" ones are ugly in a quite charming way:)

I use them for myself but sometimes I ask my brother to pick one to see if they got a message for him. It is strange but they seem to like to describe him. He always ends up getting the very cards that most are like him.

diane drizzy

:( Well, image the horror of having this said to your face!?
My guys huddled in a corner of their bag and I heard alot of whispers and giggles after this incident. Several of these individuals later had a "stomach flu" that I didn't want to ask my guys about. :D


diane drizzy said:
Several of these individuals later had a "stomach flu" that I didn't want to ask my guys about. :D
MWA-HA-ha-ha-ha~!!!! Le Fae strike again... ;)


Fae go Public

Boy oh Boy, did I hear correctly...tsk tsk tsk....what a naughty human that was to say such a thing about any faery! Snickers and grins, as I see my fae stroke their chinny chin chins.

My sister (Alissa) is right. I use my faeries as my primary deck. There are quite a few people who will say "Those look a little scary" or "I don't know, they make me feel uncomfortable". When I hear those remarks I know right away their "scared" of what mirrors they'll see about themselves. I always carry at least two decks on me, so I'll read with whatever other deck I have on me at the time if the person prefers. I have friends though that I read for regulary, one of them was uncomfortable with the faeries, so I used to read with other decks for her. The other night, she came over for a reading, and I asked which deck she'd like me to use...she choose the faeries. I smiled and said "wow, I thought you'd pick this (other) deck, the faeries eh? why so?" her reply was "because your so much more intuned with this deck, and you get so much more information from them then you do with any other deck". I think it was a mixture of what she said, as well as her and I are close enough now that she's not scared for me to see or tell her about her own mirrors.

I adore this deck, and it will continue to be my main deck for all readings for sometime.



mirrors? what mirrors? sag... we never talked about ne mirrors?

are we keeping secrets? hahaha jk

yes yes i admit at first i was very intimidated by the fairies... but i dontknow lately im more comfortable with them than n e other deck you have... =) i think we've bonded..LMAO

but as much as i like your fairies i must say i do favor mine *thanks for the deck btw*

i do have to practice more with the mermaids and dolphins tho... i think ive been neglecting them lately...


NO THEY ARE NOT UGLY ... they're just intimidating when you first meet them..=)

but after a bit they become like friends... n poke u... n make u spill pasta on the floor right sag ^_- hahaha

p.s himself is hot..muahahahahhaa