Reading for yourself


I read for myself, been doing that since I started, which is over 2 decades now. I agree though that some have issues about reading themselves, but it's not because you have issues that it means everyone does. They probably let their emotions and expectations run wild. I suggest they try to control their emotions, become cold and objective, and ground yourself before doing readings. I'm naturally like that, I'm not an emotional person but an intellectual one, and I'm objective.


I have a friend who says it's a bad idea to read for yourself but reading for myself is what I do most. Not only do I only have one friend I can read for, but I need to practice. Besides, I need the guidance. It's worked well for me so far, reading for myself. Do you guys read for yourselves?

I think Tarot is the one thing that you can't really generalize about. It is such an individual thing that works so differently for each person, that I don't think anyone can tell someone else what is a good or bad idea for them as a reader. Or what will work or what won't for them as a reader.

What your friend is saying is that it's a bad idea for her to read for herself. And then she is generalizing and thinking it is a bad idea for anyone to do. Tarot is just not like that. The short answer is that some people can't read at all for themselves. And some people really excel at it. And everything in between.

Just because your friend is not finding it working for her, does not at all mean it's not a good thing for you to do. It may not be her best path, but it may be a great one for you. You can only really learn what will work for you as a reader by really giving it a try.

That said, reading for yourself does require certain skills. Some that come easier to some people that to others. It takes a great degree of impartiality and being able to truly keep your feelings out of things. If you let yourself want one answer over another, or fear something may come up, then you have likely prejudiced the reading and it won't be completely accurate, and may well be completely off.

MOST readers can't read for themselves on topics that they have very strong feelings about for that reason. But short of that, you may well be a great reader for yourself.

I've never had a problem with it. I read only for myself the first year or so and it was a great help to me.

I find personally that a lot of not fearing what comes up is remembering that almost ANYTHING that shows up in the future can be changed. Just because something shows up in your future does not mean it has to happen. There are almost always things you can do to avoid something, sidestep it, or change paths to another future. When you remember this there is nothing to fear in seeing something come up.

More than that, we can ONLY change the future if we know what is coming. If something were coming that you did not want to happen, you can only change paths if you see it coming. IF you did not do the reading, you would have not reason to think to do anything differently. Then things would play out as predicted and bang that future would happen.

So, for me, remembering that if the cards tell me something I don't care for will show up in the future is a gift that allows me to change that future and avoid that event.... when I remember this and can be greatful for hearing even the "bad" things.... that is what gives me the objectivity to not care what the cards tell me and just to want TRUTH, period.

If something good shows up in the future, great. If something not as good shows up, even better. Then I can take that and create something good from it. You can even literally ASK the cards what to do to avoid it happening....

A bit long-winded...LOL But that, for me, is my key to staying objective enough to read for myself. I have always been able to. And it's been a great great help to me many many times in my life.



Hi Katyanne! I read for myself all the time and get great results. As others have said, the "trick" to it is to read as if you were doing it for someone else. I rarely do readings for myself which look into the future, though I have done so in relation to certain situations. Generally I prefer readings which help me overcome personal issues or help me in my spiritual or personal growth.

I will say that, while I do get a lot of good experience reading for myself, I may get more when reading for others. And believe me, I know it is difficult to put yourself "out there" to read for friends or, even harder, for strangers. But for me, it has been worth it. I've done a lot of readings via various chat rooms or what have you (such as on a game web site, via AOL Instant Messenger and others), and find I get very good results that way.

Anyway, since I had seen several folks who mentioned they didn't have people they could read for, I would suggest Aeclectic Tarot's Reading Exchange Forum. You can get experience doing readings for people and get good feedback for doing so. It's a consideration for any of you who would like to try.


I have a friend who says it's a bad idea to read for yourself but reading for myself is what I do most. Not only do I only have one friend I can read for, but I need to practice. Besides, I need the guidance. It's worked well for me so far, reading for myself. Do you guys read for yourselves?

I don't mean to be rude but if you feel it's good to read for yourself but a friend says it's not good, why would you listen to the friend? Surely you can tell what feels right for you - in particular if you feel you're learning and can stay grounded, meaning, not get carried away with wishful thinking or rampant fears when reading to yourself.

I haven't read all the answers but if you don't think reading for yourself is in any way harmful, just brush it off as a difference in opinion. Some people can't read for themselves because they get too clouded by dreams and fears.