Reading Swaps


Anybody who looks in here interested in doing reading swaps for practice with the Fey? Just wondering. BB, Michael


Hi Michael - I'd love to, but I will have to take a rain check until after the holidays, I am on my way to Africa in a couple of days - busy busy!

Early January, if you are still interested, remind me :)

tarobones mean hot

Africa! wow. after the holidays is just fine. Enjoy! BB, Michael


I'm here

I'm here. I'll always do a reading with the Fey, just need a question or an interest area to pursue. I'm open to any number of readings, I'll take them in order received and offered.

The question of the moment for me is, "What do I need to do or know in order to make my new venture successful?" Dave


wisdom of the tarot

For my question: a basic one: what is the wisdom of the tarot for me over the next several months? What issues do I need to attend to? Thanks ahead of time for the reading! BB, Michael


Moddie note

Glad to hear that you're starting a Fey exchange.

Could I suggest that the actual threads be put in the Reading Exchange forum?

Thanks Sulis - co-moderator - Fey Tarot Study Group


good idea

Good idea to put it in the exchange forum. I opened the thread here at the suggestion of another, but it makes sense to move it. :)


I can move it, or, you can use this thread to decide amongst yourselves, i.e. The Fey users, and then open the actual reading threads in the Reading Exchange.


Reading request

Did Tarobones get a reading relative to his question? If not, I'll jump in. Dave



Thanks, Dave. I haven't as of yet. :)