Readings stop resonating over time


Hello, I hope you all are doing well. I've decided to ask a question before it is too late.

Anyway, I've noticed that when I do daily readings for myself, at first they resonate A LOT and are spot on. But over time, let's say after a few weeks, the readings stop resonating. This applies to Lenormand too :( But if I take a break, the readings resonate again, and then a few weeks later the whole process repeats.

I have a theory as to why this is happening: After I take a break, I'm more enthusiastic about reading tarot again, which means I'm more willing to look deeper into the meanings of the cards and see how the cards interact with each other and how they apply to my day. Whereas after a few weeks I get lazy and don't go in depth. That sounds pretty credible.

Is it just me? How do you all manage to do daily readings for months, or even years and still receive answers that resonate?


hmm my thought on it is this

I don't do daily readings, I never did, but here is my thought on it.

if you had an uneventful day, it may become mind draining to try to force a card with deep meaning on such a mundane day.

as you say enthusiasm plays a part of it, I know here on atf I only offer tarot readings when I have energy, and interest. otherwise it feels like work and is a drain just to think of doing readings.

I think you would be better served to look offering readings for others for a while for that feedback (if you require feedback which is essential I think ) is pretty cool for a job well done.
I figure by now you should of seen all 78 cards ! so you can relate to them better perhaps when reading for others.

hmm it is kind of like when you do a reading for others ,, there is the dreaded reading where it seems nothing flows and then you get the awesome reading where it seems like you are full of insight, and ideas.

when nothing flows, it is better to say well it looks like it won' be today,, then force the reading.