Really cool dream, wondering if it means anything


I was a man living in the future. In this parallel world, we had a technology that would move our consciousness to human-shaped robots as our bodies remained at home. The idea was to have the ability to push our limits, things we'd normally avoid to keep out of harms way, we now had the option to do without that fear. It was a way to get more out of life.

I had a young son. We were walking in the woods together, our consciousness in our robots. We wanted to see some bears. Even though I knew we were safe at home, it still triggered that flight or fight response to view them so closely. On our walk home, he got tired and fell asleep in my arms. I could feel my consciousness sort of waving and fading, I knew that I was dying. When we got home, I returned back to my body, and he back to his. I removed him from the tomb-like beds that were meant to keep our bodies healthy. I just wanted to hold him one last time before I died.

One thing I got from this is that whether we have all our desires met or the ability to fulfill every dream, we're still humans having a human experience. We'll still have desires, feel afraid, hope for something. It's the human condition. I also got the idea that relating to things physically isn't as bad as we can make it out to be. In this new world, we couldn't judge people by appearances. Things were very peaceful. However, even though I knew my son was in this robot, I still wanted to be close to his body.

I'm really not sure if this dream means anything or just goes to show how creative I can be while sleeping. Just thought I'd share!