Recurrent Spirit Quartz dream


I've dreamt of my spirit quartz 3 times now. I'm foggy about the details but what stands out in all of them is I'm always holding my spirit quartz.

This is weird, because it is not the only crystal I work with daily, but it's the only one I dream of.

Why do you think I dream of spirit quartz & not, say, my fluorite or selenite chunks, all of which are always with me?

If crystals could talk...what do you think this was trying to tell me in my sleep? Could it be showing that it is helping to develop my mind in my sleep or something?


What type of spirit quartz is it? This might help come up with a more clear meaning of what it wants you to do with it.

Now, my guess would be that the spirit quartz is trying to let you know that it is highly attuned to you, and that you are attuned to it. Maybe try doing some dream work with the quartz itself, and see what can happen.

There is a good link for a website that can show you how to use it for some dream work.

Hope this helps,
XX COreader89


Thanks COreader89, yes I've read that page before along with a few others, when researching why I was so drawn to spirit quartz. Before I got it, the pull was crazy STRONG! I went from never-heard-of-it to constantly-on-my-mind for a whole week until I got it. & once I had it, the impact on me was powerful! I have a sizeable amethyst one with touches of citrine on it, plus a small citrine-clear one that was a gift. Actually both have popped up in my dreams...

I do love what it does to me. It's just fascinating how, out of all the stones I have (& I have higher-vibration ones like moldavite), this is the one that SINGS to the point of appearing in my dreams!

Let's see what else it brings :)