Reflections instead of Readings


Hello, I'm new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone can help figure out how to get new information in a reading about the future instead of just getting my own feelings and reflections from the past and present.


Hello, I'm quite intuitive but also a newbie. I wanted to ask if anyone could suggest how I might solve a problem I tend to have while reading tarot cards. I tend to get reflections on my immediate, present feelings or recent past feelings instead of getting readings about future potential. Can anyone help?


Debins, how long have you been reading Tarot? And what deck are you using? The reason I ask is that Tarot takes time to learn really really well (I've been reading 15 years and wouldn't consider myself an expert!!!), and also, different decks have different meanings and iconography. Start with simple spreads, too, like a 3 or 4 card spread, instead of the Celtic Cross, which is actually rather complex for beginner's.

If you are getting intuitive responses to cards, I personally think this a great way to start. Don't force your readings, let it flow. For example, I did a reading for a colleague once, using the Celtic Cross and the Empress came up in her crossing position. My inituition immediately told (me) her that if she didn't want to get pregnant at this time, she should take precauations. Is that the exact menaing of the Empress? Not really, but it was my intuitive response to that card in that placement, and more importantly, it really made sense to her!

Also, I'd have to say, depending on the spread you are doing that the "future" events may not be as important as the present and past events.

For example, if someone asks for a reading about "will I ever get married" the cards are not necessarily going to say "yes" or "no", right? Instead, they might say something about the present relationship, or what the querent needs to do or be aware of to attract the right mate for them. Is that understandable? In my experience, tarot doesn't like to deal in absolutes, and I tend to give much better readings when I use my intuition more then the book meanings of the cards.

So I guess I'd say, focus on the the way questions are asked, allow your intuition to guide you and hang in there! One day, it will all just click.

P.S. One more thought....I found when I first started, that I "read" each card separately. I had to really practice at reading the whole spread and then focusing on on cards that jumped out at me, like the Empress in the example above. If you are intuitive, this may be a better approach for you then focusing on each card & it's placement in the spread. Tell it like a story. Relax!


Thank you for your extensive and generous advice. I've been a dabbler and so can understand the significance of what you are saying about giving the readings times to develop. I use the Waite Rider Tarot Deck although I've just ordered The Art Nouveau Tarot because its beauty speaks to me. I've always wanted such a deck. I am considering following a piece of advice recently viewed on this website. That is, starting a tarot journal and reading one card per day, preferably in the morning, studying the card, writing notes on it and then reviewing the day and the card later in the evening. How do you feel about this advice?


Well...I am a journal flunkie, so I am not the best one to answer that question. I have never been good at recording things! But I know from many on this forum that they feel it has helped alot.

So, if it "speaks" to you, give it a go! You'll never know unless you try!

I've had more success with "Living the tarot" by Amber Jayanti (may have this last name spelled wrong) and a workbook on the Mythic tarot by Juliet Shermen Burke. I don't know if the Mythic Tarot workbook would be of any help or more confusing if you aren't using the Mythic deck, but you could probably make your own, if you are at all creatively inclined (& I think you just may be...).

Basically, the workbook takes the cards and reproduces them in black & white outlines so you can color them in yourself, all the while reflecting on how you felt during this process. It asks you to reflect on the key messages and of any peronsal situations you think may be defined/described by the card. It asks you to reflect on the color choices you made.

I think there are just so many wonderful ways to merge your intuition and studies! You'll find the way that works best for you - and that's all the matters!


welcome to A.T.....
There is not a book big enough to include every aspect that a card may touch on, it's all relevent to the spread and the individul. Cards have basics, and once you have those basics down ya go on your own from there. The fact that you are getting these 'reflections' is great, it will make learning your decks a lot easier. Go with what you intuition is telling you. When I do a reading I look at all the cards spread out and just absorb the whole picture. In this time I gather alot of intuitve info. Keeping a journal is something I also do. Sometimes it's proof for the doubters as well as a study aid.


Sometimes those 'reflections' out of left field have more relevance than the cards. I am always telling folks to learn to listen to the cards, not concentrate on the meanings, and to learn to read between the cards.
Sounds like you are already there?Practice and discipline are what will help you now.


Thanks ever so much for your advice. It's wonderful to know people care enough to answer carefully and thoughtfully. I'm so glad I found this forum. I have copied the replies you all sent for reflecting on both later this evening and for a reminder should I lose sight of what I am doing. I am quite encourage, excited even.


I suggest you use a spread in which certain positions indicate future aspects of the reading. The 'standard' ten card Celtic cross has such indications, but any spreads you devise would do.

For example, a simple three card spread could be associated with:

Past - Present - Future

For each of these positions, you could then later reveal two or three or more cards... but you would 'know' what they referred to simply due to the position in which each falls.

Hope this helps, and I'm certain others will post other suggestions.


I would also suggest you to clearly point your question towards the future and try to free yourself from your current fears.
Also, if you are in a difficult situation that really disturbs you this is why you might only get reflections.