Relationship - Queen of Cups in the Future Position?



I have recently been dating someone (around three months, been seeing each other very regularly, we have agreed to talk about exclusivity later). I thought it was going quite well but she has started to be distant lately, so I drew a three card reading asking the questions "why has she been distant lately?" and "What will happen to this relationship?". I drew the below three cards.

Past - Ace of Pentacles
Present - Two of Pentacles
Future - Queen of Cups

I assumed that the past card means that the relationship was new and it was more on the physical side. How do you think this card reflects on the "foundation" of her distant behaviour lately?

The present card I couldn't decide whether it means that she has simply been busy and trying to balance her life that's why she is being distant, or it means that she is also considering other love interests?

However, the two pentacles does say to me that our relationship is more at a physical/infatuation stage, which makes sense at the moment, since we haven't been seeing each other for long.

My biggest confusion is with the Queen of Cups, I have never been very good at interpreting court cards in a situational setting, which is a common difficulty with many people I believe. Does it mean that the relationship with become a more emotionally mature/reflective situation, and it will develop into something more substantial? Or does it mean that I've been fantasizing about it becoming something more? (Though in a future position... it's not really talking about my thoughts?)

How do you guys think that these three cards interact with each other? I see the progression from the Ace of P to the Two of P - our new relationship and having to fit that within our lives perhaps?? But I don't really understand how Two of P progresses to Queen of C.

Would love to hear more thoughts on how other people would interpret this reading.

Thanks and have a great day guys!


I'm super new to tarot, so take my comments with that grain of salt haha! But, it seems to me that you've confounded things by asking two questions of one reading. Maybe you could try doing a separate reading for each question and see what the cards say then?

My first intuition is that maybe the reading ended up being more about you in the context of the relationship, than about the relationship itself. (I understand doing readings for yourself can sometimes be tricky...)

From that perspective, the Ace of Pentacles maybe indicates, as you said, something new and physical, a new beginning that excited you.

The Two of Pentacles suggests that currently you're trying to balance yourself--maybe you're afraid of getting too wrapped up in emotions about something that might be fizzling for the other person, or may only have a spark from a purely physical perspective? Maybe a part of you wants to leap into the exclusivity conversation, but another part of you is afraid or tentative.

As to the meaning of the Queen, my first thought (and what made me wonder if the reading became more about you than the relationship) was that maybe she represents your growing emotional attachment to your partner, and an increasing concern with her emotional state. You're clearly picking up on something intuitively, and I think the Queen suggests that you can and probably will do something about it?

Not too sure; I've yet to draw the Queen of Cups so I don't know her very well yet lol. Just my first-glance take on it. (And my first attempt to offer someone my own interpretation. Yikes.)

ETA: From another perspective, I could see the cards saying something similar for your partner. She's growing in affection, but wonders if it's purely physical for you, so she's withdrawing to avoid getting hurt.


Hey Chimerical,

Thanks for your input!

I think what I was thinking when I asked the questions was more like... "what's causing the current situation and how it will pan out" type of thing, so I just took the past+present cards as answer to my first question and the future card as answer to my second question. But I do agree that a separate reading or more extensive reading or clarifying cards can help to give me more information.

I think you definitely have a valid point in the way you have interpreted. It's really funny how "the cards don't tell you what you want to know, but what you need to know" right?

Re Ace of Pentacles - While I agree with the physical attraction aspect of it, pentacles also suggest something that has the potential so be developed on solid foundation? I'm not trying to twist the meaning to my preference, it's just that these two aspects are conflicting - physical passion is definitely not a "solid foundation".

Two of Pentacles - Well I suppose we are both doing the balancing act, for me feelings (the waves in the background) are definitely going up and down. Whether it's the same for her, it's out of my hands, and I cannot guess.

Queen of Cups - I'm not confident in interpreting this card in this situation either, the more I read about it the more confused I am, haha! This Queen is supposed to understand her own feelings, is open and generous with her love but also discerning in terms of who gets to "drink from her cup" - a healthy way to handle emotions. What I'm still confused about is, does this mean I am going to become this way? Or she is? Or referring to the relationship? I think I will lay it out and draw some clarifying cards tonight and see if it will help me...

It's always easier to identify the messages when I read for someone or something not personal, when it's for myself.... it always ends up this way.

Would really love more feedback from more experienced readers on the last card... even just for my own knowledge base.