Release of Joy and Sorrow App today!


Hello everyone I am so excited that Joy and Sorrow Oracle App has been released today, for iphone, android and kindle.

Check it out for free, or download the whole deck (with 12 new cards) for a nominal fee.

Joy and Sorrow is meant to give you a moment's peace, a moment's grace..

here are a few images for you to check out. The best part of it being an App is no shipping costs, no card stock issues and it is with you all the time.

It is a perfect app for those who have to have treatments, as the meditations and can take them away into a new world. The healing energy of art on your phone.
Cheers Hexi
ps actual decks will be upgraded soon with the new images and upgrade packs of the new cards will be availalbe for those who have the decks already.


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I just got this after seeing you promote it Hexi and love it! I bought it and enjoy it as much as my physical deck! Nicely made :thumbsup:

Now I will have to work out which are the new cards in the deck after getting used to the physical one :p


app release great to hear!

so happy you like it, Frederic did an amazing job with the app, and my son made the images really sing for digital display. I love how the light illuminates the images.

Enjoy and any questions or feedback let me know. And please let your friends know too, I know this deck offers help and healing.
Cheers Hexi