Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - 3 of Wands


This card is gorgeous. I think it's my favourite card from the Wands suit.

When I first saw it the first thing that came into my head was 'the future's bright', I'm tempted to add 'the future's orange', but I won't })

So you've accepted the energy of the Ace, you've decided what you're going to do with it and you've gathered your personal power and courage in the two and now, in the three you've directed that energy into something that looks as if it's going to be successful.
The sun is rising on your venture and it certainly looks (at the moment) as if things are going well.

Threes are the culmination of the one and the two together. They are expansive, creative and productive, they're related to the Empress.
They can be about community too, about moving out of your direct sphere of influence into the world at large.

The man in the RWS version of this card stands on a cliff and this gives him the bigger picture, the larger view.... He can see for miles and so is focusing on the whole thing and planning into the future. I think that this depiction of a rising sun gives that same sense of space, forward planning and foresight.

What a lovely card :)


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Sulis said:
They can be about community too, about moving out of your direct sphere of influence into the world at large.

I never never thought of it that way before.
that adds so much more dimension and depth.

it even kinda gives me a shudder.


I also see in this the message of revelation, dawning of self-awareness, recognizing/acknowledging that within you something is evolving/growing beyond what you had previously thought possible.

now I have goosebumps


Yes! This is a great image--there's NO doubt that the sun is rising in this one! Beautiful colors and so much energy, upwards and outwards. Like the 2 of Wands, this card is much more optimistic and energetic than the RWS image. There is a feeling of expansion to infinity.


Yeah, but on the other hand, I keep getting a vision of the Rising Sun flag, the old Japanese flag (see attachment) and I just can't shake it.


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I agree, that this image is a lot more optimistic than the RWS image. For me, the RWS image while implying that "the ships are coming in", it still seems really far off, that success may be eventual. For me, this image is more reassuring, success seems more imminent. A new day is dawning!

The image just conjures up thoughts of a bright future and new horizons. With it being a three, there is still more to do, but I does look a very encouraging sign that you are doing well, on the right track.

I got a line from a song while looking at this card, just the one line "everything's going my way". Drove me to distraction for an hour or so, because I couldn't place it. An internet search revealed it is from the musical "Oklahoma"... the song "Oh what a Beautiful morning".

O what a beautiful morning,
O what a beautiful day
I've got a beautiful feeling,
everything's going my way.

:| :D

Little Baron

What I like about these images, more than the RWS, is how they work in a sequence. The RWS, on occasion, leaves me baffled - not knowing quite what is happening [the 2 and 3 of Wands has always done this]. But here, we have a beginning, some conscious decisions and now, a response to them. Things are moving. The sun is rising. The wands are growing. Of course, we don't know what will happen later in the story, but for now, we are receiving the returns of our efforts - for good or bad, depending on our will.