Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - 5 of Cups


A figure stands straight on but looks to his right or our left. His hands are held by his sides and in each hand is a golden goblet. In front of the figure lie 3 more cups in a row, one of them between the figure's feet, the other 2 just to the outside of each foot. These ones are upturned.

He almost looks as if he's managed to catch the 2 upright cups before they fall. He looks to the left and to the past; maybe he's still focusing on the upset that has caused the cups to spill, he hasn't had chance yet to focus on the 2 cups that he's 'saved'.

Fives are cards of upset and change. They're related to The Hierophant and Temperance (also 5s), so not only do they speak of upset and change but they also speak of learning experiences and of spiritual growth.
I like to think of the 5s in tarot as 'blessing in disguise' cards. They're awful to live through but without them we'd be stuck in the stability but also the stagnation of the 4s.
Fives are spiritual lessons.

So here we have the 5 of Cups. 2 Cups have been saved but I get the feeling that the guy who has saved them is still focusing on the cups that he no longer has. He will eventually realise that all is not lost.
This is not just a card of disappointment and loss to me, it's also a card which speaks of scattered emotions.


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