Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - 9 of Pentacles


The numbers is one of the things that I am learning through this study group. I seem to have skipped that somewhere along the line and I am realising how insightful it can be. Well, I am inspired to learn more about it anyway! :)


Enchanted said: ...then you are able to turn your attention to the more spiritual side of your life.

Agreed! I've always thought this; first you must attend to the basic material & physical necessities. Then you can FLY!

This card is lovely. A beautifully arranged presentation of something that has blossomed and become an identifiable 'something'. It's like an acknowledgement - a token of recognition.

I counted the leaves (couldn't help it - sorry!). Each stem has 10 leaves each. So I think this card must also represent an apex, a plateau. It can't go any further. And yes, it now stands by itself (alone, not lonely), as is depicted by the enclosing stems.