Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - King of Pentacles


Wow what a lovely card.
I think that all of the Pentacles courts are gorgeous in this deck and like the courts in the other suits, they appear simpler than they actually are.

The background of this card is the deep, rich green of the Pentacles suit. It instantly makes me think of the Earth element and so of new growth, fertility, luck and money.
The King of Pentacles looks straight out of the card at the reader and he holds his coin or pentacle firmly yet gently in both hands.
He wears the crown of kingship on his head and is surrounded by mature oak leaves and acorns.
Below him are 2 mythical creatures that I can only imagine are supposed to be some sort of earth spirit.
I usually think of gnomes when I think of the elemental creatures of earth so I'm not too sure about these but their bull-like heads make me think of the astrological sign of Taurus so they do seem quite 'earthy'.

The Golden Dawn system for the courts sees the Kings as fire.
I have a system that works well for me and I think of the kings as representing the Earth element. They are experienced and mature and manifest the qualities of their suit in the real world.
So to me this king is Earth of Earth and this card conveys that very well.

The acorns and oakleaves show maturity. This is a guy who knows the value of a buck and he's successful too. All that dedication, stubbornness and grafting of his days as a knight have paid off and now he can reap the rewards.
He's not only a successful businessman, he's also a family man and like all the Pentacles courts, he enjoys the outdoors and loves being physical and getting out into the real world.
He is practical, good with his hands but also enjoys the finer things in life.
He looks kind and fatherly to me and I think he would be one of the more approachable kings in the Tarot.


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That's so nicely put, Sulis. I don't know what his accompanying beings are, either, but someone must!

I see this guy as a Green Man, too. Many Green Men are frightening insofar as they are being subsumed (maybe even consumed) by plant life. Their own lives are being "taken" by the earth. But he's in an earthy balance, as I see it. And I agree...a practical guy.


I don't like the King of Pentacles in some decks, but I do like this one. He does seem approachable doesn't he? :) The way he holds the pentacle just seems like he would be a very supportive and steadying influence. Maybe also because he looks directly at you, it makes him seem really honest and trustworthy.

According to the book, the creatures with him are "foliate cows", foliate meaning resembling leaves (I has to look that up :D). Cows are said to be symbolic of fertility and nourishment, perhaps this is why they also appear on the Queen of Pentacles. I do see this King as being very nourishing, he seems as though he would be very supportive both in a material way and in an encouraging one too.

Little Baron

I like him too.

I agree, in many decks, the King of Pentacles is not my favourite. He can appear stuffy and boring. But here, we have the modern man. Experienced but NOT out of touch. I like the think that those leaves wrapping over his shoulders are tattoos. In that sense, even though he is a king, high up in hierachy, he still remains on the ground with the likes of us and the trends many of us follow. He doesn't appear to think he is better than us, and that groundedness makes me understand where you are coming from, Sulis, when you speak of earthiness. He is literally part of the foliage, so we can see him as someone who is part of the world's mechanics. He is good with money and is probably a great business man, but he never takes anything for granted and remembers where he came from. He is not affraid to get on the work floor and roll up his sleeves if a job needs to be done. The 'King of Swords', as a comparison, might be more enclined to just give orders. Do you agree?