Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - The Star XVII


This is one of my favourite cards in the deck, it's beautiful and it's no wonder it was chosen as the card to grace the deck's box.

Against a deep blue sky we see a naked young woman standing on what looks like a rock. She is slim, long-limbed and willowy, her long hair hangs loose around her face.
In her hands she holds two golden, jewel-encrusted goblets and from each goblet pours a stream of liquid.
The liquid from both goblets meet on the rock's surface where it becomes green and leaves seem to to grow from the stream.
Above the woman's head is a circle made up of seven small stars and an eighth larger star shines brightly in the centre of the circle just behind the woman's head.

I've never really thought of the significance of eight stars in most Star cards but I feel as if I should know what that significance is as I look at this card.
The Star to me is the light at the end of the tunnel. It comes straight after the destruction of The Tower and so signifies hope.
Stars are those magical things that we wish upon and they have guided many a sailor or traveler on his way.
The Star says that everything will be ok if only we believe that it will.

The Star is also a card of healing.
Here we see a young woman or maybe she's a Goddess, pouring liquid onto a barren and cold looking rock. The liquid is sprouting leaves, it seems impossible but it's true.
The star maiden pours out her life giving fluid with great generosity. It seems as if the goblets will not run dry.
The Star has appeared in readings for me and it's message has been to give of myself freely and I will get back what I give out.
It's number is seventeen - 1 + 7 = 8 the number of Justice - a card that also tells you that you will reap what you sow so if you want the Universe and the people in it to treat you well then you should give out what you want to get back.
The Star says to be gentle with yourself and with others, be generous and folks will in turn be generous to you.

So any ideas about those eight stars?


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What a beautiful description of a beautiful card.

I can't say about the number 8--I'm terrible with the number symbolism--except that there are seven small and one large star, so if the large is a place holder in base 10, that's 17.

I have some more thoughts on this card but must save them for later!


some interesting insights into the significance of 7


Wow, lovely description Sulis! You really took me into the card, your words seemed to emanate the peacefulness of the Star card! :)

I love the Star card, this one and in general, it's always one of my favourites in most decks. I feel a connection to the number 17, because it is my birth date. I think everyone feels a connection to their birth date though and often choose them for lottery numbers and lucky numbers.
Sulis said:
So any ideas about those eight stars?
I know that I have read this somewhere before, but at the moment I can't remember where. I will look for it tomorrow, when I am feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed! :D Yes, I'm a squirrel! :laugh: Terribly sleepy now, you can't half tell from my post! ;) :D


Sulis said:
The Star is also a card of healing.
Here we see a young woman or maybe she's a Goddess, pouring liquid onto a barren and cold looking rock. The liquid is sprouting leaves, it seems impossible but it's true.
I had not noticed this, that the liquid turns green as it hits the rock. WOW! That actually says quite a lot to me, in what is otherwise quite a barren card in terms of what she stands on.

Sulis said:
So any ideas about those eight stars?
I knew I read about all these different stars somewhere! :D It was in a really useful book called "Pictures of the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary" by Sandra A. Thomson. I picked up this little treasure very cheaply, best $10 I ever spent, it's so handy! :D

According to the LWB the 7 stars represent the 7 sisters or as they are otherwise known, the Pleiades. Sometimes the 7 stars represent the 7 planets but as the LWB mentioned the 7 sisters, probably best to concentrate on that.

The Pleiades are the 7 daughters of Atlas and Pleione, and were the companions of Artemis. According to the myth, these sisters were pursued by Orion, from which they prayed for rescue. To rescue them the Gods turned them into stars, which make up part of the constellation of Taurus. Thanks to Encyclopedia Mythica on the net.

Now I found that interesting because the cups she holds look to be adorned with emeralds. Do they look like Emeralds to anyone else? I just found this little bit fascinating as Emerald is the gemstone attributed to Taurus, and the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. Which bare with me, gets more interesting! :D

The 8th central star, according to the LWB, represents this woman as a Goddess figure. According to "Pictures of the Heart..." this 8th star is sometimes linked to the planet Venus, as it is the first star to come out at night and the last to disappear from view in the morning. The LWB, refers to the nudity linking the woman to Venus or Aphrodite. So in this 8th star, we have Venus as planet and Venus as Goddess. Great huh? :D

You'd think it would end there! But I had no idea that the number of points on a star had some greater symbolic significance. :| The 8th star is also 8 pointed, which links it with the Goddesses Ishtar, Innana, Demeter and Persphone and oh yes... Venus. I don't know much about the other Goddesses but it really struck me, the barreness of the rock and the fertile greeness that you mentioned Sulis and the myth of Demeter and Persphone. How when Persphone was taken to the Underworld, that Demeter mourned the loss of her daughter by creating a perpetual winter and a very barren land. When an agreement was reached that allowed Persphone to return to her mother from the Underworld for half of the year, the seasons started once again. Hence, the fertile new growth. Apologies if I have butchered that myth, but I was trying to be brief.

The other 7 stars are 6 pointed, of which "Picture of the Hearts..." has to say about this... " it represents the harmonic rhythm of active and passive, maculine and feminine, spirit and earthly principles." All of which I can see present in the Star card, but especially the latter... spirit and earth.

She looks straight at you, which is very Goddess like, it is almost intimidating in a way. She seems very sure of herself and what she is doing. She is not kneeling as the woman often is in other Star cards. The kneeling usually makes me think of prayer and thus faith. Even though she isn't kneeling she just looks so courageous, she can stand on her own two feet and has total belief and faith in herself and the Universe that supports and surrounds her.

I love the way the 8th star rises behind her, it is almost twinkling and pulsing. It looks like it contains such energy! The card very much looks like being at the centre of your own Universe, the way the other 7 stars surround her. She is protected and she trusts in this completely but the 8th star, like the planet Venus, shines brightest and longest and this Star is you! ;) :)


Enchanted said:
I love the way the 8th star rises behind her,

I've drawn this card before indicating a situation reaching it's zenith.


Papageno said:
I've drawn this card before indicating a situation reaching it's zenith.
Yes, I could see where you could get that.

That 8th star for me, really seems to almost scream out of the card. It seems to contain, within its glow, all that you are, or all that you could be. Or all that a situation is, or all that a situation could be.

I can't get past the way she looks at you. It was almost as if she was saying "well I know what I'm doing... do you?" And at the same time, I cannot turn away from the 8th star... I feel it holds a key.

Oh no :rolleyes: I'm getting a song as I ponder that thought... a key to the 8th star???

"Someday I'll wish upon a star and
wake up wear the clouds are far behind me.
Where laughter falls like lemon drops
away upon the chimmney tops.
That's where you'll find me...

Somewhere over the Rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true"

I like that for the Star! :)


...Where laughter falls like lemon drops...

Where troubles melt like lemon drops......

Anyone else got another version of this line?

Bee :)