Renaissance Tarot (lyle & Jones) The Minors in the Renaissance


If the pip cards had any meanings during the Renaissance, I think they would have been cartomantic ones. Definately not RWS & Co, who weren't even a twinkle in their mothers' eye at the time.

I put this deck away because of it's adherance to a RWS interpretation, but lately decided to get it out again and see if the images could be looked at in another way.

Well, I'm having some small success with certain cards, whilst others can only be mildly modified. The 5s in particular, have been a challange - I don't equate 5s with Geburah.

Such a shame because the images-style is really very attractive, although truth to tell, I wasn't particularly struck on them initially. They actually appear more attractive this 'second-time-around' of looking at them!

If anyone else is using this deck - with modified or non-RWS meanings - please do post here.