Repeating card in a reading


I didn't see a post saying these sorts of things weren't allowed on this site, but if that was oversight on my part, just let me know and I'll delete it. I suppose a mod would probably delete it before I could, but whatev.

Anyway, I only know one person in my life who works with the FO cards to any degree, and she's been really busy lately, so I decided to try asking for insight here since there's apparently something I'm not getting lol

My issue in short:
I've just started doing a regular (meaning not daily, but at least once a week, when the mood strikes) one card draw, and of the 4 times I've done it, the last 3 have been the same card.

Issue in-depth:
Clearly, there's some kind of issue I'm not getting. The way I'm phrasing my question is "What is standing in the way/an obstacle I'm facing that keeps me from meeting my soul mate right now?" An explanation of the soul mate thing to follow. The repetitive card I'm getting is The Bright Mother, first and third times reversed, second upright.

I'm the type of person who believes wholeheartedly that I have a soul mate. When I have my nightly gratitude/prayer time, I don't ask IF I'll ever meet them or IF I have one, because I know s/he exists and I know s/he will enter my life when the time is right. So when I ask about obstacles, I'm asking what about me still needs to mature before we can meet.
Additionally, within my religion, I have a matron goddess and patron god. My goddess is personified as Aphrodite, and from the first time I saw the Bright Mother card, I connected the two. To me, She of the Cruach represents the Mother Goddess as an entire divine entity, but the aspect that I most closely relate to is that of The Bright Mother.

I realize the card itself is meant to represent nurturing, caring, fertility, that sort of thing. Had I only gotten the card once, I'd think, "Maybe I should free up some regular 'me time' to pamper myself, look up some new healthier recipes, and find some local parks to go jog in." But this card appearing three times makes me think there's something else here that I'm missing. Any of you happen to have any idea what I might be overlooking here?

If you have any other questions, no matter how personal, feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance!


I found mine when I stopped looking. You have to get out of your own way... which is much easier said than done with these clumsy bodies of ours. ;)


That's the advice I'm given all the time, so for a good few years I did just that, gave up on any notion that anyone was right for me to be with forever and just have fun in the moment. Didn't really get me very far.

I'm more the type who believes you can draw things to you through visualization, meditation, prayer, etc. so I sometimes feel that just letting loose would kinda ruin my chances. I'm not begging, I'm not bartering, I'm not making demands, I'm simply asking to be shown the lessons I need to learn before s/he arrives, because I am soso ready for her/him to arrive soon.


Universal timing... you're ready to find her/him. But that doesn't mean s/he is ready to find you.

S/he may have their own issues they need to attend to before they are ready to have their soul mate in their life.

Also... a soul mate is not always a romantic relationship. Souls that have explored being in love in previous lives may sometimes set up an alternative relationship to explore with each other in this life (parent/child, brother/sister, friend/friend). This may be part of what the Bright Mother is trying to tell you.


You might feel that you are ready for your soul mate to arrive soon, but the Bright Mother appearing 3 times in a row, for me would signal some important lessons to be learnt. The Bright Mother is a force to be reckoned with.

To find out more ask yourself the following questions:

- How is your relationship with your mother? Is it loving and nurturing or is there strife, and if so, why?
- How are your relationships with women? What are your thoughts and beliefs about women? Are these positive or negative, and if so, why? Is there past baggage to solve or not?
- How is your relationship with yourself? Are you loving, uplifting and kind to yourself or are you critical and cold?

Take some time with the Bright Mother and let her guide you to a path of more self love and more nurturing.

All the best,