repeating cards


If a card comes up in more than two readings (daily or whatever spread) in a row, what kind of significance does it hold?
I drew the Four of Pentacles two days in a row when i did my daily reading. I also got that card as the significator (i let the deck decide instead) when i did a Celtic Cross spread inbetween those two readings.
I've checked the condition and edges of the deck and the card itself many times to see whether it had anything to do with the card being drawn first but it didn't.


Anytime a card makes a grand gesture to get your attention, you should take notice of it.

Sometimes it's a card popping out of the deck during a shuffle, sometimes it's a card that keeps repeating itself in readings. Either way, the deck is definitely trying to tell you something.

As for the 4 of Pentacles:

Are you holding something back? Or is someone around you being selfish when you need something from them? Or perhaps there is an opportunity coming up where you will be called upon for your generosity and it will cause you to have to consider things before making a decision.

tiger lily

Or it can mean you should de-clutter your desk :p :D ... seriously, 4?s are about structure and order (the Emperor?s card).


Agree with Mojo. A repeating card commands your attention. It can be a reminder about something that needs to be addressed. With 4-Pentacles, it could refer to paying bills; balancing the checkbook; being firm--something pertaining to structure, maintenance or order. As well as what Mojo & Tigerlily mentioned.


If the same card turns up in another spread, you can note its position as it meaning would differ according to the position. The movement of a card through a spread can indicate progress.


tigerlily, maybe the card was telling me to do something about my desk. :D I'm usually a neat freak and i've been neglecting the Feng Shui of my chamber.
It's funny after how i straightened out my room and other things, that i don't see that card anymore. *phew* :D
Thanks heaps everyone!!! :) *hugs*