repeating Death card


okay, I must admit, I'm a little unnerved. I try to keep a practice of drawing a daily card. I was doing well for awhile, but let the last half of Sept. slip by. I decided to start "fresh" on the first day of October.
Oct. 1st draw was death. This card usually does not frighten me, but the last time I drew it was Sept. 11. (and, needless to say, the card has taken on a more realistic meaning from the day's events.) Later that evening (Oct. 1), I decided to shuffle the deck and draw a clarifier because I was pondering the death card all day and needed some help. Again, I drew death. Being stubborn, I kept death out of the deck and drew another card (because I wanted some clarification, not repetition!) I drew the High Priestess.
The following day, I was doing my daily draw in the morning, and again got death. Now, a little freaked out. I mentioned it to my b/f who jokingly told me if I drew it again, he was gonna take the cards away from me.
When I got home from work, I sat down to read my new Book of Thoth for a little bit before yoga class. I am only in the first chapter, but the page I happend to open to was.... you guessed it.... XIII. Death. AAAH! So, I read the brief paragraphs, hoping something would click.
This morning, with my bf watching, I shuffled for my daily draw. He again was joking around. I pulled the Wheel of Forturne. (whew.) Then, he asked me to pull another one, just to see what it would be. It was Death.

so, that's my long, drawn out story that I though I'd share with you all. whoooo-WHEEE-whoooo. ;)


actually, i embrace the death card. to me, it means changes and transformation, and not "physical" death. it means the start of something totally new and different. in my life, while as a typical taurus, i often resist change, i've found that change is life, and it would seem to always be for the best. even though growth may be accompanied by pain and suffering, i have come to look forward to change.
luv and light,


Joya: I can see how repeated appearances of the Death card could be unsettling, as would that of any card especially that of a Major!
Have you thought about what you have been occupying yourself with lately, such as a focus on a new direction or a new project? Or it could be referring to a new forthcoming development.
If you recently began the study of the Thoth Tarot, perhaps that has something to do with the card's appearances. This deck is among those different from the traditional, including but not limited to the switch of Strength & Justice; also its Court Cards.
Perhaps with the Thoth you are finding or will find it asks for a different look at Tarot; to re-think the usual associations for cards, to even discard or change previous ideas or understandings.
Generally, a part of the self often resists change as there is security & comfort in staying with what is familiar & known. Venturing into the unknown is an adventure that can cause conflicts & confusion that are not unusual.
Your post is of particular interest as Death is my Year Card. That it seems to illustrate major issues/concerns of the year is not a coincidence. Its influence is covering aspects of the personal & business areas as well as old business.


I can think of three possibilities:

1) Time to switch decks--the deck may be trying to tell you that you need to use another deck for a while, one with a new view of things.
2) Time to cleanse this deck--it may be asking you to refresh/renew it.
3) Most likely: It's October and you're thinking of Halloween and Autumn. I've been feeling that the energies are real powerful this year. I mean, just look at some of the messages on this board. Decks "cutting," powerful dreams, etc.

October is the end of the year, the death of the harvest god. My suggestion would be to do a special reading at the full moon this month. Remember, Death is also Scorpio, sign not only of death, but of psychic powers. Perhaps you're more sensitive to the energies of this month than you usually are--perhaps this deck is. I'd cast a strong sheild, but I'd also open myself up to whatever's coming through. What may be changing here is your psychic powers (and/or ability to use the tarot itself)--death and rebirth to a higher plane with them.

Oh, and one last thought:
4) Deck is playing trick-or-treat with you. You might want to give it some candy ;D


hey, thanks for the feedback guys. Thirteen, those are great suggestions! :)

I haven't drawn any cards since, but yesterday on my walk home from work, a large monarch butterfly flew down in front of me, circled, and flew away. Since I live in the city and at that monment happened to be alongside a main 5-lane road, that was pretty rare.

I just smiled REAL big.


My death card is actually called Rebirth. Basically new beginnings and a clean slate to work with. Repeating cards..I know what you mean. I've had the same card pop up 3 times this week for my daily card drawings. And one of those readings I didn't do myself. If the cards need to impress something on you they will. But I wouldn't be too concerned about pulling that card so much. Thirteen gave good suggestions though. Maybe cleansing the deck will help. I dunno..I'm just glad I found this board!