rephrasing the question


I'm seeing a lot lately about rephrasing the question. I was wondering if this is pretty much accepted at the norm, or if when a sitter asks a question do you just go with it and see where it takes you.

I definitely noticed a difference on the quality of the answer when I rephrase. I usually tell the sitter that I am rephrasing the question so that I can give them better insight and so far it's gone pretty well.'s it work for you..?

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tiger lily

Since I mostly swap readings with other tarot enthusiasts, I rarely have that problem. I always try to use the original question, because, obviously, changing the question changes the answer, and then it?s probably not answering the querent?s original intention anymore. The only questions I would rephrase are yes/no types, since Tarot isn?t suited for those (a pendulum would be better) and I would split up either/or questions in two questions.


I try to rephrase the question if I need to clarify what the querent is asking. I've found that people want to ask more than one thing at a time. Like: "If I go to work for this place will that be good for my career and will I meet a new person there that will turn into a relationship and will I be able to find good daycare for my kids..." I just go "Whoa! Slow down! One thing at a time." And then we work together to find a question that is suitable.

Rhiannon :)


Rhiannon is discussing what I call the 'run-on' question: ' How many children will I have and where will I meet my mate and what will their names be and will it have a picket fence?" - FOCUS! FOCUS!

Tarot does NOT deal well with yes/no questions, frivilous, or open-ended questions.

Tarot deals best with questions dealing with situations, challenges, improvements, and outcomes.

This is why the question 'Do I have what it takes to get this promotion?' is a better question than 'Will I get the job?'

Actually 'Will I die?' is an open-ended question, and the answer is 'Yes, we all have to die someday.'


I nearly always have to rephrase the questions: I find the deck I use (Robin Wood)takes me for my words. So if I make a stupid statement, and ask it that, it will answer that, usually with a stupid answer. My deck vales the word, and it'll hold me to it if I'm not careful. For instance, it won't read for me if I break my promise that I'm gonna buy a new silk wrap for it...

I suppose the deck is a bit like a spouse in that sense!