(That's a rebel yell, for those of you from outside of the South USA!)

Gee, it's glad to see this back up and running! Thanks for hanging in there, Solandia! Had a chance to read your medieval pages and ended up getting me charged about making my next batch of mead! (NOTE TO SELF: Buy honey next week!)


It's amazing how much this forum has come to mean to me. I checked every day and felt so deprived. I got a new deck (Tarot of the Cloisters) a new book (Robin Wood's book for her deck) and there was no one to tell!

Thanks so much Solandia.


It's Great to see you all again.
A Great Big THANK YOU to Solandia.


Hi everyone, good to see you back :)

Thanks for waiting the very long ten days while the forums were unavailable. The forum's data files weren't compatible with the new server and I had to make the decision between spending the next three weeks (or more) trying to restore the old forums (with no guarantee of success), or starting over.

So here we are. The forums do look a bit empty. I'll be posting new & old topics in the next few days, and I'm working on a way of contacting all the old members as well.

~ Solandia


The forums are back! In celebration of the resurrection I've resurrected myself with a new name (formerly "marlene).One thing though , my signiture quote does not seem to be showing up?


Thank you so much Solandia! Perhaps it was fate to have the old posts disappear. Makes us have to think of new posts, and old posts and that should generate a healthy discussion. I am so excited about this!


I too very much missed the forums, thankyou so much for restoring them Solandia! It's good to see that most of the old faces have returned so quickly :)


You guys can't hear my joyous shouts of glee.... He he.

Well, luckily I was away for quite alot of the last three weeks and haven'r really had the chance to get to the interent, so I wasn't aware the formus were down for so long. I'm glad I didn't have to suffer in boredom, with no mental stimulation at all..... Glad to see y'all back. BTW: Yarnie- Nice yell. Gonna practice that myself I think.



8) Hi Everyone! And thanks Solandia!!! It's the new and improved tarot forum! Glad to be back.


Thanks Solandia!

I just realized last night that I could get in here again and I was so happy :)

It's amazing how addictive this place can be, -sure did miss it!