REVERSALS: XVI -- Deluge rx [The Tower rx]


XVI -- Deluge rx [The Tower reversed]

The card shows a flood knockng down what looks like an electrical tower, which is also being struck by lightning. A house is being tilted over in the flood as well. The river from which the flood originates is calm, and on either side of the flood (where it crosses the highway/street) is empty tarmac.

You can see that while the tower and house are tilted, the aren't completely tipped over by the raging waters.

In a reversed position, the flood doesn't stop...the waters just flow the other way, back into the calm river behind it...will this water churn up the otherwise calm river, or just return to calmness itself? The street, however, will become free of the flooding waters and passage is again possible. The house does completely tip over, though.

A reversal of this card speaks to me of a more positive aspect (sorry to disagree with Thirteen's interp. of The Tower rx)...a lessening of the Deluge's awesome upright aspects, and the eventual return of calm...although the landscape to which the calm returns has been visibly changed by the flood.




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Deluge reversed

I find your interpretation interesting, and would like to add something if I may. Although I don't use reversals as a rule, I can tell if a card would normally come reversed, so bear with me.

When the Deluge comes reversed I find it means that a period of deep, thorough, and brutal cleansing has come. It may also indicate a need for spiritual cleansing baths to realign their higher selves.

They will be frantically trying to keep their heads above water, and will usually be trying their damndest just to tread water during this time.

Of course, the above is only my interpretation, and it's lovely to see this deck being discussed!