reversed cards?


Does everyone here use reversed cards? I am thinking that since I am just learning the tarot reversed cards adds confusion to my readings, should I just not use them for now?

Rusty Neon

Yes, that could be a good idea. Try to read uprights at first, till you're comfortable. Then you can decide if, and how, you are going to use reversals.

There are many good Reversals threads here on this list.

Using the search function, enter the word Reversals in the "Search by Keyword" box, to find those threads.


Yes, I agree with Rusty Neon. Learn one step at a time.

Indigo Rose

Reversals are important. I do read with them, and I think they add valuable information. Not reading them is like using one eye to see with. They have a message. However, I do agree that you should start your learning reading upright meanings.
Indigo Rose


Hi Earthdance,

Don't worry too much about it. Some folks never read with them. I am just starting to read with them myself. It does add a lot to the reading. I waited a yr and a half before I started using reversals. I am still learning.



hi earthdance,

i read with reversals, it would be good like the others have said to start off reading upright and you will know as soon as you are comfortable, that you will want to start learning to read reversals. goodluck and take your time, there is a wealth of information and support here at aeclectic to learn reversals.

Rusty Neon

Re: Re: reversed cards?

Vincent said:
Some decks are/were designed to be used with reversals.

Waite, in his accompanying book to his deck gave divinatory meanings for reversed cards, so it would seem a fairly safe bet that he intended reversals to be used.

Other decks, such as Thoth, were not intended to be used for reversals, and use instead, according to its author, a system of 'elemental dignities' to flesh out the divinatory meanings.

Like Crowley, Waite was a sometime member of the Order of the Golden Dawn which used elemental dignities as part of its tarot techniques. Lest he betray his oath, Waite didn't reveal details of GD practices in his book _Pictorial Key to the Tarot_. Reversals were used pre-GD by cartomancers and by Etteilla School taromancers. Query whether Waite, when he mentions reversals really meant ill-dignified (i.e., an elemental dignity concept), in order to disguise GD teachings.



personally, i think that you should immediately learn reversals.
if you dont, then sometimes your upright card has the reversed
meaning, and it will taint your understanding of the card. reversals are a lesson of their own. they teach us that even the most complex issue has two different yet equally plausable stories.
let the cards tell you what you need to know, to do that, they need their full vocabulary.



If you were meant to get a meaning and you didn't use reversals yet, wouldn't you just draw the card that meant what you 'needed' to know? I understand that the reversals add more depth to an interpretation, but if you are just starting out.......