Review at the half-way point for 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card.


Review at the half-way point for 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card.

At this Step 11 point in the book we have covered many steps. It seems to me that this is a good time to review what we have learned so far. I do this not only for participants in this study group but also for those who are following our postings. Perhaps this review of what is in our book copy will encourage them to also acquire this wonderful book and to also join in our Study Group and benefit from the deepening awareness of tarot card symbols and meanings.

Step ONE: We named our card, choosing to bond for a short period of time with a card that has some one/many levels of meaning for us.
Step TWO: We described our card, immersing ourselves into all of its symbolic content.
Step THREE: We explored the emotional content of our card. Emotions “power” much of our reactions, decisions and interests.

Step FOUR: We learned to construct a story around our card so as to more fully appreciate it range in time, its context, its directions and depth.
Step FIVE: Introduced us to using keywords and numbers. Numerology shows us to reduce numbers to a basic level and to use keywords for those numbers to gain more insights into a card’s meaning.

Step SIX: At this step we explored Mode, Suit and Element meanings. This expanded my view of the cards as I had not really appreciated the importance of these basics.
Step SEVEN: This step brought us to a point where we synthesized what we had learned up to this point. Looking back from just several steps later, I don’t feel that I did all that I could have done at that point for myself. How fast we progress.
Step Eight: Metaphors were the theme of this step and are, in my opinion, more helpful than keywords in digging for meanings in a card.

Step NINE: Query and snapshots were the focus here, another step where I feel that I might have done better for myself. Yet, re-reading those posts, I see that all of us brought forward many long-in-the-past memories that had a link to our card and also strong links to important events or milestones in our lives.
Step TEN: Book meanings were the focus of this step, giving us a direction for exploring what several authors of the book-resources we all use have to say about the cards we use and the meanings we attach to them. I found this review to be highly interesting.
Step ELEVEN: This step has us consider the range of impact, beneficial to detrimental, that a card may have for us. When emotions (Step Three) enter into our consideration, the range of meaning can become more dramatic.

Our group has approached this exploration with both a sharing, communal feeling and individualism of expression and experience. I have read every post, and while I haven’t responded to each (not wanting to be seen as a “leader” or “tarot-correct” person) I have learned from every one. I hope each of you have also benefited greatly so far. Dave