Revised Lovers in Basics


Because of the marvelous and enlightening posts on "The Lovers" thread I have revised my descriptions and interpetations of The Lovers in Basics. Take a look and let me know what you think. I incorporated a great deal of what was discussed in the thread. Also, the "story" now matches up much closer to the Waite (which basics uses as its template)--though I've still skirted around the Garden of Eden part. I just can't hold with that image. It still seems wrong, wrong, wrong, terribly wrong to me.

Anyway, Lovers is now new and improved--all thanks to you guys. I hope to keep doing this till, little by little, Basics becomes an amalgamation of all our collective Tarot wisdom :)


Thirteen: Bless you for all your work! You have made a stunning contribution to the world of Tarot. It deserves to be published!!


how many times have different people already told you to publish? your basics are great, they deserve it......



I'm happy to arrange the book signing PARTY!!!

Really - I have learned more from your basics, than many books and websites!


All right (ducking and running for cover), I'll look into publishing "Basics." Promise! I'll call a buddy I know in the publishing biz ASAP, honest.

And thanks! I was *trying* to let ya all know how enlightening your insights were and thank *YOU* for them. Geeze try to compliment some folk and they just throw compliments back at ya ;)