Revised new moon reading LUNAR CYCLE


I refer to my previous thread with this one since with Barleywine we made a lot of changes and this is a different spread, so I am opening a new thread as I was instructed to do.
I only had 7 cards in the original spread, but Barleywine had a lunar spread for 8 positions he wanted to try, so he calculated the quint of my old spread and Lust came up.
All the cards, positions and meanings are listed below. Not all positions have specific meaning as I explain below.
I wish I got it right this time round :)
I decided to put the quint in new moon position, and then putting the cards of the old spread one on top of the other with the 3 of Swords at the bottom and the 5 of Swords on top facing me.
I worked out the other positions counting as in a OOTK spread, starting with 12 for Lust.
I am considering your positions 1 to 4 as the incoming energy that arrives and grows. #5 to 8 represent the coming to fruition of the energy, its effects and how it gets spent and exhausted.
I consider the waxing phase as outward and evolutional and the waning one as inward and involutional, and I don't consider the quarters necessarily as "crises", but prefer to have all the cards to play with in a more free waxing and waning energy interpretation.

Given these "diversions"from your original, I ended up like this:
Using Barleywine's Lunar Cycle #positions:
#1 Atu XI (but 8 for us) LUST
#2 Knight of Wands
#3 3 of Swords, Sorrow
#4 8 of Disks, Prudence
#5 Atu XIX SUN
#7 8of Wands
#8 5 of Swords

I'll post later with the interpretations for this revised layout.
Thanks for the idea!


The only reason the quarters are seen as "crisis" points is because they represent transiting squares between the Moon and the Sun: the build-up and release of usually minor stresses that are eventually fully resolved at the next "balsamic" Moon (the 8th lunar phase). Since it happens twice every month, it's usually no big deal.


Sorry I never posted earlier, but I have been having a sort of toothache, due to my trigeminal nerve and it's been tough.. It's an acute pain in my right cheekbone, going on and off three four time a day..
I think it is the 3 of swords making its appearence, around the first quarter!
So, let's have a go..
The Lust as Position 1,New Moon, that I agree is a moment of intuition... could that be this month I finally understand my True Will andq decide what it is that I want to do?
I think at least I am going to get an hint.. As I said, at the end of the month I'll go back to my country of origin, and definitely I'll be looking around to see if there is any space for survival down there, and I'll be able to compare things.
I need to see which is my True Will, if it is to take care of my daughter (who is 5 and has been fostered by her father's sister at birth), since look like Sis is not doing the job properly...
Or if that would mean too much help from my family, resulting in them manipulating my life and making it (and my daughter's life too) a misery.
So I very much wish to make a decision: Start a fight to bring my daughter with me in Scotland (favourite), having to move bk in Italy to get her with thehelp of my family, or leaving things as they are (Sis wrongdoing is only hearsay).
Position 2, Knight of Swords: we are in the waxing phase of the spread, so all this Fire is even more excited by positional dignity: lots of action here. Uhm.. I am not meant to act much this time round, since visits to Kiara (my daughter) have not been allowed yet and I am only going cause I need to use up my holidays by end of month.
This could be the Social Workers getting mad at Sis for standing in the way of my visits. So I wish this Knight uses up all the Fiery power he has to get balls rolling and give a wake up call to Sis that she can't act as she is adopting since she is only FOSTERING.
Together with Lust I have good chances things come my way..
Position 3: 3 of swords THE TOOTHACHE!!! I wish it was only that. Obviously all of the situation brings to me a big, tough lesson on how my mistakes will always cast their shadows on my life (or for a long time at least).
With all this I have to face the reasons why I felt (and was) so unfit to be a mother to step back and leave her to her dad and the means he had. And also for choosing that dad for all the wrong reasons. A lot of pain there.. layers and layers of bad choices that could be disentangled only changing the first one.. and then you come to understand the fabric of reality and how it works..
Right, let's get on
Position 4 8 of Disks, Prudence.
Especially thinking of the past, what I have achieved in these last 4 years is precious. It can look commonplace and boring much as I like, but it is the best life I ever had, because I am finally independent, and I don't have to compromise and get miserable about loyalties and such. I am not going to loose this as this is the best thing that I can offer to Kiara:myself, with my ideas and my limits, but true to myself..
Position 5 is the Full moon, so it should be the manifestation of all these forces building up..
It is the Sun.. I can be confused but the little I know is on the road of letting Shine my best Self. I am glad because I am doing a lot of soulsearch, I don't want to hurt Kiara further, and this card indicates that my thinking is on the right track. In the original spread the Sun came up as Beginnings, so after this trip I'll be more aware of what steps to take to go where. Having had a fresh start in 2012, there is a lot of room for improvement in my life right now.. I have my own house ( social, but still mine for 99 years..)..
This trip will help to decide what direction to take from October on. Great.
Position 6 THE STAR with the waning moon and looking inward, I move from the fury of the Lust woman, ( that is mighty, but quite out of control, confused, as I feel now till I don't go and see with my own eyes..) to the relax of the star, that gives to me a much stronger sensation of wisdom. So, the trip will bear its fruits, the ones I like or otherwise.. and I'll take it with hope and wisdom cause the decision will be objective and not influenced by anyone/thing.
Position 7 8 of wands. As being in a position that refers to the inner world, is a ill dignified Fire card..this maybe is a little fear that I am not able to direct my energy as I should, and to get carried off. It talks to me of subtle balance of mind needed either at work or also in the interactions with my relatives..
Position 8 5 of swords. Another end on a sad no4e. This must mean something.
What I think of, since most of the cards are good, is the feeling of regret at my mistakes in general, that will accompany me even if I get everything as I like..
I have failed my daughter full stop. Now I can try to amend but that will stay. And it is right enough! So I need to acceptthis and carry it as experience.

Well, I think this is it..