Rider-waite bibliography



I'm looking for a bibliography (concise or extensive) about books
specifically devoted to the rider-waite.

I don't mean :
- general tarot books
- books about learning the tarot which uses the rider waite for the examples
- books which talk about the rider waite but only from ONE very specific
viewpoint (wether astrological, numerological, etc.)

I do mean :
- books specifically devoted to the specific rider-waite symbolism,
- books about learning tarot which also extensively talks about the
rider-waite symbolism.

I already know of the existence of the "pictorial key", ut it seems from
reviews I've read it's purposedly obscure and not THAT useful.

Thanks for your help


Rusty Neon

Besides the _Pictorial Key to the Tarot_:

(1) Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn's Book T

(2) James Revak's website, Villa Revak

The link for the webpages where, for convenience for comparative purposes, he catalogues the divinatory meanings of Mathers (HOGD), Etteilla and Waite:

The link for James' article on Etteilla:

(3) other works by Waite himself can be useful, e.g.

(4) Golden Dawn glossary

(5) Hulse's _Western Mysteries_ (published by Llewelyn)

(6) Wang's _The Qabalistic Tarot_

(7) Crowley's _Book of Thoth_ (in print, or you can find it on the net) -- especially for the Two to Ten cards of each suit.

P.S.: Also check out James Revak's tarot book reviews at his Villa Revak website.


Thank you for your help.

I'll check them out.

Take care,