Robert O'Neill: "Sources of the Waite/Smith Tarot Symbols"

Rusty Neon

Robert O'Neill's articles are an interesting source of information that tracks the origin of the symbolism of the RWS major arcana, feature by feature, back to earlier decks: Marseilles, Viéville, Visconti, Vachetta, Wirth, etc.
This is the page for the RWS Sun. At the bottom are links for the other RWS major arcana.



the symbols are universal, except in some other cultures that are vastly different from our own. if you read any dream interpretation book, then you will find that the symbol descriptions match the card meanings. especially if your book was based on the work of c.g. jung. just check the meaning of dreaming of a flower, and cross reference it with the fool.


You can reach Bob at his home in Knoxville if you have
any questions ~ he's always glad to write back.


Isn't there going to be a reprint of his book?